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CourageousHR newsletter - is HR a medic or a healer?

At the most fundamental level is HR about prevention or cure? The reason we ask is that at present we have temporarily lost contact with a lot of our clients as it seems this is the ‘fire fighting’ season (dealing with promotions, performance, pay and bonuses ...) - it sounds like for many in HR it must be like an ER department in their local hospital on a Saturday night!

CourageousHR Newsletter - Go on, be a risk taker

Work is now so unpredictable that past practices are not always adequate to address the new and emerging challenges facing organisations. HR professionals need to change their attitude and outlook and recognise that being efficient and effective at the transactional and tactical level is not enough.

CourageousHR newsletter - Interested in having more fun at work?

Fun in the workplace is something wacky firms in Silicon Valley do as they are all ‘creatives’ and they have loads of money to waste - don’t they? Alas, you were not born so lucky as you have ended up in HR where fun is discouraged, hard work is not rewarded and seeking job fulfilment is for the faint hearted!