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At a recent business conference we attended the topic of HR’s value was raised by some prominent business leaders and the conclusion was that HR will never be able to provide strategic people guidance until it is strong enough to speak out, challenge and be credible.

This is not the first time we have heard this and research repeatedly suggests HR is a comfortable profession for conformists – HR maintains the status quo rather than raise the status of people in organisations!!!

Therefore, this Newsletter is focused on what you can do to make a greater impact, have a more powerful voice and be credible.

Strategic HR – Making Friends not enemies

1. Many HR teams and professionals face an enormous struggle to change their organisation’s perspective of the value they can add. While the need for new knowledge, skills and desire is often recognised, all of this is worthless unless HR professionals have the professional courage to do things differently from the past.

2. The way to do this is by making friends, otherwise known as building Partnerships. To explore what you can do to make more friends and build great partnerships download Stepping out of HR’s shadow.

Measuring HR - Relationships are key

3. Imagine the influence HR could have if it had the right relationships with the right people across the organisation AND it was able to actively manage them!! One of the many challenges facing HR is that relationships are mistaken for ‘reporting lines’ and do not actually reflect where HR needs to focus its effort and energy to ensure it maximises its influence and profile so it becomes a valued, respected and credible business partner.

4. To assess the quality of your existing relationships and to map out the relationships HR needs work through Creating HR’s Partnership Map.

Practical HR – What a Partnership Organisation looks like

5. There is so much hype yet little substance around what a Partnership organisation looks like which is pretty amazing as if you don’t know what you’re aiming for you may end up worse off!

6. What a Partnership Organisation looks like provides a snappy overview of the cultural and structural dynamics of building a Partnership.

Opinionated HR

7. So how inquisitive are you? Do you take things at face value? Are you as quiet as a church mouse or do you question and challenge? Do you have opinions or do you wait to be told? The reason we’re asking you these questions is that we believe HR needs to be noisier and be more willing to speak out, to push back and be different.

8. Therefore, if you’re a bit stuck for opinions or want to sharpen up your thinking then we would strongly recommend you go to our blogs – be ready to be titillated and inspired to speak out – after all no one is going to politely ask your true opinion!

Supporting HR

9. At CourageousHR we specialise in providing practical and ground breaking HR Training which will immediately make you better at your job. We are always updating and refining our training programmes so if you haven’t looked at what is on offer click HR Training to find out more.


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