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Who is CourageousHR?

CourageousHR is a training and development company that specialises in Human Resources. We have been delivering training and development courses to hundreds of HR professionals from across Europe and the Middle East for over four years.  

CourageousHR is managed by its Principal Guy Ellis. CourageousHR also draws upon a pool of colleagues who have been chosen both because of their experience as senior HR practitioners and for their passion to making HR a key part of organisational life.

We are passionate about people and about the role of HR in making people the centre of organisation life.  If you'd like to know more about our philosophy then take the link.

What makes us different to traditional HR Training providers

  1. We have a track record of delivering HR training and development material to global companies and international delegates at all levels within HR
  2. We create and own all of our material and while it is well researched, it is designed to be used in the workplace
  3. Our material is skills based
  4. Our facilitators are all ex-HR professionals - we bring real examples and experiences to our workshops
  5. We work in partnership with our clients to embed delegate learning - we believe that real change starts after the formal learning has finished