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That got us thinking about what type of role should HR be playing in an organisation – is it about prevention (the healer) or cure (the medic)?  Our view at CourageousHR is that for many in HR they have been raised to cope with emergencies (it make us feel useful and keeps us incredibly busy) and yet we know we have to become healers if we are to really help our patients in the long term.

Therefore, this Newsletter is dedicated to all of you who are presently snowed under with transactional and reactionary HR stuff to show you how to make the shift from being a medic to a healer. 

Strategic HR – Signing up to HR’s equivalent of the Hippocratic oath

1. Passion is rarely a word associated with HR yet without it we are nothing more than ‘pen-pushing administrators’.  Passion for people should be at the heart of the HR agenda as it is provides us with our purpose, focus and gives us the courage of our convictions to move from being a medic to becoming a healer. It is about being seen, being heard, being involved, being controversial, being willing to take risks, being willing to break new ground, being challenging, being innovative, being risk takers, being supportive, being valuable.

2. The HR Courage to Lead & Act Charter is a call to HR Professionals to raise their sights, to take a leap of faith (in themselves and in HR) and make the shift from being a medic to becoming a healer. 

Measuring HR – How to become more strategic

3. What would Organisation Leaders love most of all from HR?  Well, there are a number of things actually but whenever we are speaking to them what always appears in their top three list is STRATEGY – they so want us to be strategic. 

4. We have pulled together a guide on what strategy looks like for HR and how to measure how effective you are at being strategic.  If you’re interested, click Measuring HR’s strategic orientation.

Practical HR – What I need to do to be great

5. How effective do you think you are?  Do you think you spend more time as medic and less on being a healer? 

6. More often than not the reason why we fall into the trap of focusing on the transactional and reactionary stuff is we have never stepped back to question where and how we spend our time.  Just think, if you could plan ahead and build great partnerships with the business how much more impactful you would be.  So, why not find out how well prepared you are by completing Discovering what I need to do to be great at HR.

Opinionated HR

7. HR is about celebration as well as hard work.  There are so many things that HR should be proud of and which should inspire others.  If you are looking to develop your HR voice and are looking for some inspiration go to our blogs where we are sure you will be tickled, challenged and made to think differently.

Supporting HR

8. At CourageousHR we specialise in providing practical and ground breaking HR Training which will immediately make you better at your job. We are always updating and refining our training programmes so if you haven’t looked at what is on offer click HR Training to find out more.


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