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Pricing Structure - HR training and development

At CourageousHR we believe in transparent pricing. Our pricing structure reflects;

  • Our demonstrable track record in delivering HR skills and knowledge to a wide range of HR professionals over many years
  • That 98% of our material originates from us. While we constantly research the market, we believe that most traditional HR material has little practical relevance (certainly outside of the US). We therefore adapt, add and source material from a variety of resources, frequently from delegates and clients like you, referencing where required.
  • Our flexibility. Not only does our material give us incredible flexibility to adapt to your needs, it also means that we can make changes on the day. Coupled with our previous experience as HR practioners, we believe that no-one can deliver relevant material like we can.
  • Our practicality. We believe that HR training and development is worthless unless it can be used in the workplace. Not only is our material incredibly practical, we also work with our clients to ensure it has the greatest chance of being used by the delegates.
  • Pricing promise. We are so confident that we can deliver great HR training and development, we are prepared to guarantee that we will meet our agreed training objectives or we will give you your money back. See the full details below.

Pricing Plan

Our fees are as follows;


For every one hour of delivery time - £550

This includes;

  • One hour preparation time
  • Expenses charged separately
  • Minimum one hour fee
  • NO travelling time charged where travelling is within the same day


For every day of delivery (up to eight hours) - £3,450

This includes;

  • Four hours preparation and evaluation time
  • Expenses charged separately
  • Minimum one day fee
  • NO travelling time charged where travelling only requires one overnight stay per day of delivery

Programmes and Ongoing Development

These are so tailored to our client's requirements that no standard pricing is possible. However, similar principles will apply.

Pricing Promise

We will guarantee to give you your money back if we do not meet our jointly agreed training goals.

This guarantee is subject to the following caveats;

  • An agreed (and jointly signed) set of training goals, course content and course material
  • Only covers fees i.e. excludes expenses.