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HR's Charter for 21st Century Professionals

Are you clear what you want to achieve as a HR professional? How will others judge your contribution as a HR professional? Do you believe you can do more ….?  

We believe in HR and are passionate that it should be doing more. Therefore we are making a rallying call to all like-minded HR professionals to join us in defining a new future for HR. To get involved and find out what this can mean for you, read or Charter for 21st Century HR Professionals or join our CourageousHR Community to let your voice be heard.


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Can HR be Courageous?

Is courage in the workplace now ‘coming of age’? The turbulence of the marketplace, new opportunities constantly emerging, the uncertainty about the future, the lack of job security, the need for greater flexibility and creativity all indicates that predictability is history.  Does HR have the courage, credibility and capability to successfully guide and lead organisations and its people through this turbulence and uncertainty?  If you want to find out more then ...

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HR Transformation

Well it appears we’re all doing it – but some are doing it better than others! Transforming HR seems to be very popular at the moment but it seems we’re not as good as we ought to be as research suggests that the capabilities of existing HR staff is the number one obstacle to success.  At CourageousHR we have spent time to develop our own HR Transformation Model which specifically addresses the needs of HR.  The success of our model is based on our recognition of the need to effectively involve individuals with the change so they are able to cope with, accept and embrace the uncertainty of the transition from the ‘old’ to the ‘new’.  If you'd like to know more then ...

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Enabling HR to Create value

Our 'State of the HR Nation' survey showed that HR is at a crossroads.  It has the choice either to wake up and realise that its unenviable reputation within most organisations is unsustainable and want to do something about it or it can continue to be a 'bit part player'.  At CourageousHR we believe people are THE competitive advantage and therefore HR's fixation with 'increased efficiencies' and 'improved effectiveness' is no longer good enough. If HR is to be a true business partner it needs to find its distinctive contribution and then explore how best to make it, both culturally and operationally, an organisational reality.  To find out more ...

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