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It is so easy to get lost gazing into a starry night – for some it is about dreaming, for others it is more about the science and mystery whilst some use them to predict the future.  Same starry night yet so many different ways of relating to it!

Well the same is true about predicting the future of HR.  Some of us do it but most don’t because they think it is too much of a mystery or it is not relevant.  What we at CourageousHR have discovered is that unless HR starts mapping out its future more systematically and trying to predict where it needs to be in 3 – 5 years time we will always be playing catch up with the business and most HR professionals will never make the difference they aspire for.

Therefore, this Newsletter looks at why predicting HR’s future is so important and how to become great at shaping where HR should go. 

Strategic HR – People are anything but predictable

1. At the recent HRO Summit in Barcelona where CourageousHR were speaking, we discovered from the likes of Professor Lynda Grattan (London Business School) and Dr Paul Sparrow (Lancaster University Management School) that the world and the workplace are being bombarded with so many radical changes and at such a speed that the world of work is going to be unrecognisable in 5 – 7 years time. 

2. Is HR ready to break away from its transactional routes and become a beacon of future focused transformation – not only advocating it but also living it out?  To find out more download People are anything but predictable.

Measuring HR – Can you guess the future?

3. The growing consensus amongst HR’s thought leaders is that HR should focus a lot less on measuring how efficient and effective it is and instead it should measure HR services in terms of increased business performance.

4. That got us thinking about what are going to be the big changes affecting HR over the next 3-5 years and how will these affect HR’s business value?  At the HRO Summit we ran a game called Hit, Miss or Maybe to challenge the delegates to think about and predict the future.  To see how well you are at predicting HR’s future download Hit, Miss or Maybe Game.

Practical HR – What are HR’s key drivers for change?

5. Many factors are at play in shaping the world of work and they are forever changing.  Geography, demographics, state of the economy, the role of the government, the products and services on offer, the ever changing regulatory framework etc... all play a part in influencing and informing business.  These all have impacts on people – impacts which to a lesser or greater extent informs HR’s strategic and tactical priorities.

6. To explore what are the main challenges facing your organisation and what HR should start doing about it download HR’s key drivers for change.

Opinionated HR

7. HR is about NOW as well as the future.  There are so many things HR should have a strong opinion on but very rarely does it voice it (is it still waiting permission to speak up?).  if you are looking to develop your HR voice and are looking for some inspiration go to our blogs where we are sure you will be tickled, challenged and made to think differently

Supporting HR

8. At CourageousHR we specialise in providing practical and ground breaking HR Training which will immediately make you better at your job. We are always updating and refining our training programmes so if you haven’t looked at what is on offer click HR Training to find out more.


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