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HR Subjects and Topic Areas

At CourageousHR we have extensive experience in delivering a range of HR subjects and topics to national and international clients at a range of delegate levels.

While we divide these subjects into four categories, we often work with our clients to create the right mix and blend of subjects to suit their needs.

Take a look below at an overview of what we cover or download the pdf file at the bottom of the page.

Thought Leadership

Innovative HR is not a phrase normally associated with HR but at CourageousHR we know that the world of business is more volatile, competitive and transparent than ever before. Therefore, HR needs to learn to adapt, think more expansively, let go of old habits and be willing to take more risks.

Our Thought Leadership Series is specifically aimed at HR Leaders and experienced HR Professionals who are looking to be challenged by the latest research, inspired by new HR Practices and involved in developing new ways of working. 

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HR Transformation

While it appears most of us are doing it – but some seem to be doing it better than others! Transforming HR seems to be very popular but it seems we’re not as good as we ought to be as research suggests that the capability of existing HR staff is the number one obstacle to success.

At CourageousHR we have spent time developing our own HR Transformation Model which specifically addresses the needs of HR.  Our track record in supporting and guiding HR leaders and teams through the transformation maze gives us the credibility and pedigree to offer our clients and individuals the HR Transformation Development Series.

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HR Healthcheck

Sometimes we just need to step back and make sense of how far we've got, what we've done well and what we could do better.

The HR HealthCheck Series is a suite of development modules (supported by coaching from CourageousHR) which can be tailor made to meet the requirements of clients and / or individuals. These modules are designed to help HR Leaders and Teams review their HR Partnership Journey so far and determine what strategies and actions they need to take so they can maximise HR’s value to the business.

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HR Skills

Recent research has highlighted that HR lacks the critical skills for success and is unprepared for the future. Given our experience in working with a range of HR teams and individuals over a number of years, this has not come as a surprise to us at CourageousHR. We recognise that HR needs to have the courage of its convictions to demonstrate to organisational leaders that working in partnership with HR will deliver sustained competitive advantage.

The HR Skills Series is a suite of development modules (supported by coaching from CourageousHR) based on our own HR Competencies Framework. These modules are designed to help HR Professionals and HR Teams develop the critical skills, techniques and confidence to become excellent 21st Century HR Professionals.

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