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When work was dependable, careers were mapped out and life seemed so much more uncomplicated, HR (or Personnel as it was called back ‘then’) could get away with not really bothering about its customers so long as it delivered the pay cheques accurately and on time.

Today, it seems technical expertise is way down the list of skill requirements for HR whilst looking after our customers is the numero uno. Sounds great BUT at CourageousHR we’re not too sure if HR actually know who its real customers are? Just as importantly, it seems HR is not too sure how to look after them – should it be an obedient pet or a quarrelsome neighbour?

Therefore, in this month’s CourageousHR’s newsletter we are going to explore why HR needs to care about its customers and how it can to do it in style.

Strategic HR – First impressions count

1. Providing the best possible service is about ‘impression management’. In other words, if you can play the customer service game better than your customers then you are on to a winner. This might sound like a con trick but in essence it is about “under promising and over delivering.”

2. To find out how to play this game and win at it download First impressions count with customers.

Measuring HR – The economic facts about customer loyalty

3. Some organisations love moving their people around every 18-24 months. Not too sure why but there must be a good economic imperative or some profound motivational purpose!! However, when it comes to customer service, HR needs to realise that success comes through loyalty not variety.

4. So, step back and think about whether your HR Function does enough to create customer loyalty. There are clearly measureable business outcomes depending upon how much emphasis and effort HR puts into developing customer loyalty. To find out more download The economic facts about customer loyalty.

Practical HR – Want to know how to become great at customer service?

5. Our experience at Courageous HR is that there are some ‘golden rules’, some do’s and don’t's of delivering outstanding customer service. If you want to get a flavour of the types of practical things you can do to immediately get better then download How to create and sustain great HR customer service.

Opinionated HR

6. One thing that drives us nuts at CourageousHR is when organisations are ‘sold’ HR Transformation projects that focus on ‘process mapping’, building ‘shared service teams’ or ‘outsourcing’ operations. Real change only happens when people change their behaviour – that other stuff is only a means to creating the extra time and resources to enable this to happen.

7. So, what opinions do you have and have you recently spoken out, challenged, broken the mould or dared to be different? Just in case you need a bit of encouragement or inspiration why not check out our latest series of blogs which are focusing on practical things you can do to stand out and make a difference.

Supporting HR

8. At CourageousHR we specialise in providing practical and ground breaking HR Training which will immediately make you better at your job. We are always updating and refining our training programmes so if you haven’t looked at what is on offer click HR Training to find out more.

Join the HR revolution and keep us in touch with what you are doing.


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