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“People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy” Oliver Goldsmith

Time is a precious commodity and we find that many HR people just don’t have enough of it to make time to discover what is going on in the marketplace: latest research, recent trends, new thinking, smarter ways of working etc… Too often this results in HR Teams becoming insular in their thinking and relying on old practices as remedies for new challenges – inevitably HR falls short.

At CourageousHR we make it our mission to scan the marketplace, to keep in touch with the best research and key trends. But we do more than act as a library for other people’s thoughts. We are passionate about thinking through what all this means for HR and coming up with ground-breaking, smart thinking, practical solutions which will help HR become more credible, influential and business critical. 

Have a look at our Whitepapers or our Abstracts – they may just inspire you to think and act differently. Our Recommended Reading List is our view of some of the most worthwhile articles, books and websites around – we have read them all and visited the websites! The HR Toolkit is a free set of resources which we know you will find useful – it provides some practical tools to help you with your HR Strategy, HR Transformation, HR Deliverables and HR Competencies.

Finally, you can go to our Store and buy our practical e-books.

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Download our latest self help guide to increasing your courage in the workplace - My Courage to Act.  Read it in conjunction with our HR Charter for 21st Century HR Professionals. 

We hope you find this Resources section useful – there is plenty more from where this came from.