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Sometimes it is obvious what needs to be changed – a blown light bulb, a flat tyre, clothes which no longer fit.  However, deciding what needs to change within HR is less easy: is it the people, structure, technology, relationships, processes .....?  The list is seemingly endless which is why more often than not HR focuses on the easy stuff to change at the cost of making the right changes. 

In our experience at CourageousHR (backed up global research) it seems HR puts too much effort and money into ‘big ticket changes’ but very rarely do they deliver the rewards hoped for.  Therefore, this Newsletter looks at what HR should be changing, why and how to go about it. 

Strategic HR – Changing HR for the better

1. It is not enough for HR functions to simply restructure and re-title.  Research shows organisations which focus on the ‘easy’ bits of change … do so at their peril. 

2. From our own research and client work we have identified the key factors which will determine how HR can guarantee the success of its HR change programme.  To find out more download Changing HR for the better.

Measuring HR – Lasting change needs investment

3. Change of any sort – even though they may be justified in economic or technological terms – finally succeeds or fails on the basis of whether the people affected do things differently.  Motivated people are the key to success – uninvolved people are your barriers.

4. To help you successfully plan for any changes in the pipeline or review the change you are presently involved with, work through this quick reference guide to successful HR change Lasting change needs investment.

Practical HR – The importance of great communication

5. Surprisingly enough it seems when it comes to HR Change Programmes very little thought is given to how these changes will be communicated across the HR community and within the business.  Fatal mistake!

6. Never underestimate the power of great communication – so long as it is backed up with actions! This month we are giving away a Communication Planning template which will help you to think through what are your key messages, who are they aimed at and what communication channels you are going to use.

7. But words can be cheap so we are also providing you with an overview of a great book which highlights the problems of just being a great talker: download The knowing- doing gap.

Opinionated HR

8. It looks like our opinions are being heard loud and clear as we are really excited that we have been asked to present at the prestigious HRO event in Barcelona ( in early November.  This is the flagship European HR event focusing on the priorities of the HR professionals managing HR operations, technology and Shared Services.

9. If you’re interested in going and you’re quick we may be able to get you a discounted ticket for this great event.

Supporting HR

10. What a few months we’re having abroad. We had great feedback from our Internal HR Consulting workshop held in Johannesburg at the beginning of September.  This month we are off to Istanbul to run HR BP MasterClass and as you will have read already we are off to Barcelona next month.  If you want to find out any more about the range of technical and skills training we offer then drop us a line and we’ll tell you more.

11. At CourageousHR we specialise in providing practical and ground breaking HR Training which will immediately make you better at your job. We are always updating and refining our training programmes so if you haven’t looked at what is on offer click HR Training to find out more.

Join the HR revolution and keep us in touch with what you are doing.


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