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Thought Leadership

Our Thought Leadership Series is specifically aimed at HR Leaders and experienced HR Professionals who are looking to be challenged by the latest research, inspired by new HR Practices and involved in developing new ways of working.

The HR Thought Leadership Series of Development Modules includes the following topics:

  • Creating a responsive HR Function
  • Developing HR’s Courage to Lead & Act Charter
  • How HR can be courageous in the workplace
  • HR Transformation – mapping out the journey
  • HR and the Business - How to work in true partnership with each other
  • Developing 21st Century HR Professionals

These Masterclasses encourage participants to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses of their own organization and then using CourageousHR’s own bespoke assessment tools, start to map out how they and HR can deliver a better service to their stakeholders.  

For a downloadable pdf, please click on the file below.