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HR Healthcheck

The HR HealthCheck Series is a suite of development modules (supported by coaching from CourageousHR) which can be tailor made to meet the requirements of clients and / or individuals. These modules are designed to help HR Leaders and Teams review their HR Partnership Journey so far and determine what strategies and actions they need to take so they can maximise HR’s value to the business

The HR Healthcheck Series of Development Modules includes the following topics:

  • Creating a business aligned HR Strategy
  • Creating an integrated L&D Strategy
  • Creating a C&B strategy
  • HR Team structure and ways of working
  • Working with the business
  • Transforming HR
  • Developing 21st Century HR Professionals

Taking a pragmatic and skills based approach, these workshops can be run either in conjunction with our consulting services or as standalone workshops.   In either case, the purpose is to build a framework for allowing your team to take ongoing responsibility for implementation.

For a downloadable pdf, please click on the file below.