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HR Skills

The HR Skills Series is a suite of development modules (supported by coaching from CourageousHR) based on our own HR Competencies Framework. These modules are designed to help HR Professionals and HR Teams develop the critical skills, techniques and confidence to become excellent 21st Century HR Professionals.

The HR Skills Series of Development Modules includes the following topics:

  • Courageous leadership - the core competency, it stands for having a clear sense of what you can contribute and a willingness to consistently live this out.
  • Business acumen
  • Customer focus
  • HR Professionalism
  • Innovator
  • Results driven
  • Building relationships

These workshops are designed for HR professionals at all levels of the organization.  Designed to help delegates acquire practical skills, these workshops do not use traditional classroom techniques!  Self-assessment, practice, peer support, games, toolkits and cheat sheets are all techniques we use to not only make the learning memorable, but also build delegates confidence to take their newly gained knowledge into the workplace.

For a downloadable pdf, please click on the file below.