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If only we live in a perfect world where every member of your staff stays in the company until they retire. But reality paints a different picture: employees come and go. For employers and managers, this can cause serious consequences—you have to go back to square one of the entire process of hiring, onboarding, and training.

People leave their jobs for various reasons. It could be because of poor management, low pay grade and limited benefits. Perhaps they think the organization is unstable or maybe they just can’t get along with their supervisor. Your HR manager or recruitment agency can help you spot the areas which need further improvement and advise you on how to remedy these cases.

The hiring landscape is getting more candidate-driven. Job seekers and employees alike hold greater power when it comes to where and who they work for. Job hopping is also getting more prevalent among young employees, which is terrible news for companies who invest in new hires that might end up merely staying for a year.

The Impact of High Employee Turnover Rate to Your Company

High employee turnover rates can have an adverse effect on your organization and the people that remain. It can rattle the other sectors of your company. It helps to know what the root causes are as to why people have been handing in their resignation notices.

  • This can negatively affect workplace morale, causing other employees to question their loyalty to your company. If they haven’t been seeing any opportunities for growth, promotion, or at least a chance to expand their skillset within your company, they may look for these opportunities elsewhere.
  • Chances are, the team members left will absorb the workload of the one who resigned, leading to extensions, overtime work, and delays in deliverables. This added stress can put a heavy burden on the staff, and overtime requests call for additional expenses for the business.
  • Overworked employees can lead to deteriorating productivity and lower quality of output. This can reflect on the work atmosphere and echo on their health, which can prompt absenteeism—resulting to another round of work dissemination.

Get into the problem as early as now to prevent more people from jumping ship. Also, start implementing ways on how to enhance your employer branding and cultivate a more balanced work environment that will keep employees from leaving their post.

To help you better understand why employees resign, here’s an infographic guide that illustrates turnover statistics. You can also find some tips below to understand why employees are leaving, and a few ways on how you can improve your employee engagement.

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