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Quarrels between two or more employees does not only affect them but other colleagues are also affected in the workplace. It is a critical task to manage employee quarrels, since customer service and quality control of the company can suffer a lot because of it. Employee quarrels are, however, nothing but simply a waste of energy, time and productivity. Whatever the situation is, there are always a number of ways to handle the conflicts gracefully. Below is a list of simple, yet useful tips that will help you manage your quarrelling employees with much ease:

1. Raising The Issue

Do you know how unhealthy it is to sweep the issues or problems under the rug and move on with bad feelings for the other person in your heart? It is very important to raise the issue of the conflict with the employees involved. You need to make them realize and understand that quarrelling is not the right choice for anyone. Try to make them see that all the negative feelings can be handled appropriately, that can make them and the company more productive as well as positive.

2. Listening To Both The Parties

Listening to only one side of the story may increase the dispute so it is very important to listen to both sides separately to know what the tension is all about. Putting emotional information on the side, it is important to discuss specific events and facts that are responsible for the whole situation.

3. Bringing Quarrelling Employees Together

It can be a possibility that the entire quarrel is based on a mere misunderstanding. In such a case, both parties should be bought together so that they can share their version of the issue. This step will show facts or problems that the other employee was unaware of and would further help in the dissolution of the problem or argument.

4. Making Sacrifices And Compromises Should Be Encouraged

Both the parties should be encouraged to give in a little, for the sake of working together. This step may take a little more time, because of the fact that both parties are already entrenched in their own version of how to resolve the issue. You should invite both the employees to come up with some proactive steps that are helpful for both the parties to end the problem.

5. Handling Serious Issues

Simple misunderstandings are a part of the majority of the workplaces. However, if any employee is being insulted by another on the basis of ethnicity or gender, then it must be taken seriously. The harassing party should immediately be fired by taking strict actions according to the law.

6. Scheduling A Follow-Up Meeting

Once you succeed in managing the conflicts in your workplace between the employees, it is important to arrange a follow-up meeting 2 weeks after the settlement. This is just to make sure that everything is going smoothly. However, any offending employee that you find should be given an ultimatum to resolve the problem as soon as possible or else he would lose his job. It is not very professional to have unsolved arguments at the workplace which is why all possible steps must be taken to end the conflicts as soon as possible.

We are all surrounded by conflicts that occur in almost every workplace with almost every employee. Your workplace suffers a lot when the employees quarrel. Therefore, it is a must, to eliminate this problem without any negligence or delay, since the problem can fester if immediate step is not taken. Happy employees working together in your workplace definitely play a vital part in your company’s success.

Author Bio:

Lisa Marina is a HR professional serving for a renowned academic writing company Assignment Gurus. Besides this, she blogs workplace code of conducts, working tips and ethics to help fresh grads behave like professionals.