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Competency-based human resource system connects HR department with organisation’s strategic plan. It binds appraisal of employee capabilities with business requisites from these roles. When dealing with on-probation employees, this system ensures adeptness of potential candidates as whether they’re fit for the job or should be terminated at term’s end.

Probation refers to trial period during which a company’s management determines in employee is a good fit. At some entities, all employees are automatically placed on probation while others are reserved for employees already performing their duties. It matters not why you chose to place an employee on probation at the first place, a competency-based evaluation system helps tracking and evaluating the progress.

Encourages transparency

It should be an intelligible procedure for both employer and employee. Performance goals are established and each involved should know the expectations. How business objectives are tied with employee performance is also considered. The clearer and smooth expectations at the outset, greater chances for peaceful resolution of probationary period! At end of the term; you become a permanent employee, probation period extends or termination letter is issued. It all depends on performance throughout the term!

Introductory trial period

As mentioned, introductory probation period is when companies try new hires before permanent acquaintance. A school, for instance, may hire new faculty on two-year probation. They’re granted tenure and job security upon successful completion. Such long period ensures proper training and less redundancy rate. A less experienced teacher maybe asked to enrol in a course during the term, thus making it through unscathed.


Its duty of HR department to mitigate behaviour and workplace deficiencies within an employee only if subpar performance! Also, HR should focus more on strengthening the weaknesses rather than on ancillary reasons. If someone’s having trouble during probationary period, sort out the issue in a pure professional manner, provide necessary training and help employee achieve the target.

Competency-based HR system therefore align employee objective with ultimate corporate goals. It protects everyone from would-be intermediary executive process. Ultimate HR Solutions Recruitment agency in Dubai is known to provide the best HR training and acquisition so that outsourced candidates proceed fully groomed. It’s their responsibility to select the most skilled and confident personnel from the pool before recommendation.

Review process

Reviews, evaluation and feedback for employees on probation should take place periodically; that is before their term expires. It allows employers to set standards that help attain the ultimate goal. Whenever possible, these reviews must be in light of data-driven metrics thus avoiding allegations about unfair decision making.

Regular interaction

Probation let employers to look closer at worker’s performance while foster a healthy interaction. It’s therefore important to organise daily meeting by day’s end or somewhere after lunch when employees are at-ease. You may familiarise new joiners with organisation’s culture and how they can mould themselves for mutual benefit. Owner, CEO or manager may ask senior employee for demonstration just as a test of their own skills!

Conduct evaluation

Employee evaluation is to measure staff as per objectives and whether you can amplify the process for betterment or not! Consider increasing frequency with which you perform assessment whereas allowing supervisors and managers to play their part in the picture would bring promising results.


The gist of entire discussion is to create aware of competency-based HR system and how it helps for the betterment of both employees and organisations.

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