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Welcome to CourageousHR's monthly newsletter.  This month we're daring to be different and instead of sending you our normal mix of views and tools, we're sending you a copy of our new CourageousWorkplaces newsletter.  Coming out every two months, we'll make sure you get a copy.  We hope you like it.

Yours in revolution,

Guy and Chris


‘If’ is such a powerful word. It can mean so many different things: it can imply regrets (“If only I ....”), possibilities (“If I do ....”) and challenges (“If this happens, then I ...”). In other words, the word ‘If’ shows you have choices and for us at CourageousWorkplaces one of the key differences between courage and compliance is the choices we all make and the actions we take in this very moment.

Welcome to the first of CourageousWorkplaces’s Bi-Monthly Newsletters. Our purpose in launching this Newsletter is to encourage our Members to actively be courageous as well as create a vibrant Community where we can support, inspire and learn from each other.

We hope you enjoy your Newsletter – give us feedback, make suggestions, send us your stories of courage.


1. When was the last time you were inspired by someone else’s courage (either someone you know or a famous person)? Has anyone told you that your honesty and strength has inspired them to be bolder and more honest? How would you define courage? Would you say that the protesters in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia etc ... are courageous?

2. We are surrounded by examples of courageous people but they rarely come from the workplace! This needs to change and to find out what you can do to become more courageous and to encourage greater courage amongst your work colleagues and bosses download Courage or Compliance.


3. Courage is all about intentional action. To be courageous means doing something different from what you would normally do. As courage is a competency there are things that you can teach yourself (and others) which will help you to be consciously and consistently more courageous. Each month we will be presenting an overview to the core courageous actions.

4. Every day we have choices to make and decisions to take. Therefore, we thought it would be useful in this launch issue to focus on Courageous Decision Making.


5. To be honest, most of us need a ‘wake-up call’ as it is easier to be compliant than courageous. So, we want to set you and us a monthly ‘Courage Challenge’ to try something new, to speak out or to reach out to someone who needs support.

6. Dare to be different challenge – we’re going to start you off gently this month as we are just going to ask you to reflect on How courageous are you?


7. In time we want to create an active Courage Community and want to use this section of the Newsletter to address your courage issues. In the meantime, we would really appreciate it if you could complete our Courageous Leadership Survey.

8. Your reward for completing the Survey will be a copy of the full survey report plus knowing that you are actually helping to build some very powerful and practical courage insights, best practices and tools.


9. Did you know that fear of change is infectious? Well, courage is also contagious and that if enough of us become braver and more honest then fear will have less of a grip on us and the workplace. Our services at CourageousWorkplaces cover consultancy support, training programmes, tool-kits and thought leadership.

10. If you are thinking about what you can do to make your workplace more courageous then the chances are we’ve got something that will help and guide you. So, drop us an email or if you’re feeling really brave, give us a call.

Be courageous this month with yourself, with those close to you and with those you work with. Your courageous actions will energise you and inspire those around you.


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