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How HR can be Courageous

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Is courage in the workplace now ‘coming of age’? The turbulence of the marketplace, new opportunities constantly emerging, the uncertainty about the future, the lack of job security, the need for greater flexibility and creativity all indicates that predictability is history.

The implications for organisations and its employees is that increasingly, those organisations which are best able to tap into their talent pool and engage most effectively with their employees will be those which are best prepared to prosper through their ability to effectively respond to changes as well as having the resourcefulness to create new opportunities.

Does HR have the courage, credibility and capability to successfully guide and lead organisations and its people through this turbulence and uncertainty?  At CourageousHR we believe that increasingly those HR professionals who display courage will be relying less on their HR technical expertise, they will have the credibility and influence with business leaders to make a difference and they will be the HR Leaders of the future.

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