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HR Transformation Toolkit

Is there ever a starting point to a change programme? Do you know what you are transforming and why? Who are the main initiators of your HR Transformation and the key stakeholders you need support from? Do you know what the impact will be on the business let alone HR?

HR functions transform for different reasons but the most common reasons are to manage or reduce costs and provide greater value, typically through strategic input, to the organisation.

While it may appear that the barriers to change are varied and complex, they can be overcome. However, you need to recognise that:

  • The time to transform is going to take longer than you may expect (usually 3-4 years)
  • If you want HR to make an impact, put effort into raising HR’s profile, capability and influence so it can get the support it needs to make these changes.

What are the keys to success? Well our suggestion is if you focus on the following areas you’ll be doing a lot of the right things:

  • Start with the question "What's possible?" and then involve anybody and everybody who cares about HR making the right impact to shape what this could look like
  • Gain as much top and line level management support that you can get but never lose sight that they are not necessarily the ones who are going to implement it
  • Never lose sight of the need to create and maintain passion and ownership for the HR Transformation across the HR Community
  • Ensure you have enough change management expertise to call upon and appoint a dedicated change/project manager
  • Make sure both HR and the business have access to the correct types of tools and resources to make the HR transformation a reality for the managers, employees and the HR Community 
  • ‘Educate’ and involve both the business and HR through constant two-way communication using a variety of channels
  • Manage expectations, develop trust and deal with the workplace reality without letting it compromise 'what is possible'

Ultimately, the degree of transformation success will be determined by how well aligned the HR strategy is to the People and Business strategies. 

Here are some tools to get you started. If you want to find out more about how CourageousHR can support you with your HR Transformation, then just get in contact with us and we will tell you more.