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HR Deliverables Toolkit

So what are you and your HR Function good at? Do your customers ever thank you – if so, what for? What do your customers complain about (all customers complain!)? Are you looking to improve the credibility and profile of HR?

From our experience at CourageousHR, we know it is the quality of your core HR deliverables that will make or break you – so you have to make sure you get them right as often as possible. HR is a service provider to the business and as such its value is determined by its customers (i.e. managers and employees) and what they see and experience.

What gets measured and where the credibility of your HR Function will rise or fall depends upon the quality, appropriateness and effectiveness of what is delivered in the workplace.

At CourageousHR we have created a ‘HR Partnership Business Value Chain Model’ which focuses on four core HR Deliverables:

  • HR Fundamentals (the key transactional and operational policies and processes)
  • Co-delivering the People Strategy with the business (remember we are the people ‘experts’ not just HR technicians!)
  • Bringing about and managing change (if people aren’t accepting and embracing change then the organisation is under achieving)
  • Creating powerful partnerships (hierarchies are static, partnerships are dynamic. HR has the opportunity to role model and spearhead this 21st century answer to silo management and power vacuums)

Here are some tools to get you started. If you want to find out more about how CourageousHR can support you with your HR Deliverables, then just get in contact with us and we will tell you more.