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Hiring a fresh and young employee for your company can bring many things. You hire a young employee as they are more enthusiastic, open-minded and accept new challenges with open arm. You need to understand their mind as they can help your company because they are motivated and have a creative mindset. A young candidate can offer a different dimension to any organisation, and they have more technical knowledge. 

Young people are aware of the current circumstance, and they are more eager to grow and learn new things. You can get benefit from hiring a new and fresh employee as they have a wide range of capabilities and skills. They can inject new ideas and have a unique perspective about your organisation, but the company, unfortunately, focus more on hiring the experienced person.

You can invest in fresh and young employees, which can be an excellent asset for your future. The hiring of young employee brings a competitive environment in the organisation. You can provide them with different opportunities and experience so that they can become a valuable participant in the organisation. The following are the essential tips which can help you in hiring a young and enthusiastic employee and bring the culture to hire young people. 

1.    Go For Strength 

No one is experienced about the field as everyone has to start their career as a freshman. Many fresh and young candidates are applying for jobs, so don’t expect previous experience from them. When you are going to recruit any employee, it is essential to analyse the job requirement. Whether you need an experienced employee or a young employee with skills and a good attitude is enough for you. You need to ensure that you interview strengths-based, not on skills-based. It would help if you found out the attitude, motives and likeness of the candidate to ensure that he/she will be the best fit for the role which you are looking for.  

2.    Explain the Role 

The job description should be simple and clear so that you can target a wide range of audience. The role and job requirements must in detailed so that it can attract as many candidates as possible regardless of their age. You need to keep one thing in your mind that young people rely on their personality, skills and attributes which are essential for the job. You need to ask them a relevant question. As they are young and has no experience so avoid asking them irrelevant questions. The young employee may become discouraged if the job description is not accurately described.

3.    Feedback 

The interview is vital as it can help you to know about the skills and capabilities of the young candidates. You need to be honest and provide them with constructive feedback while conducting their interview. It does not matter you give them the job or not, and you need to provide them with a positive response and accurate feedback about their mistakes. It will help them to improve their mistakes and be a better interviewee in future. The positives will help them as most of the young candidate may not receive guidance from their family members. The feedback will help them to make advancement in their application. 

4.    Induction Program

The introduction and induction program can be helpful for the young employee who currently becomes part of your organisation. The program will give them relevant information about their role and job. It will make them comfortable and give them a welcoming feeling. 
You need to give a tour of your organisation and provide them with enough knowledge about your work. You must include basic information such as cafeteria, work station, emergency gates and first aid. The young employee must be introduced to their manager and supervisor. You need to explain about the work your organisation do and demonstrate it by yourself. Guide them about the safety measures and tell them about the risk and their consequence.   

5.    Rights and Responsibilities

Before hiring them in your organisation, you need to explain the rights and responsibilities which they see in the workplace. Young people do not know about the laws that are applied to their service, so you need to explain it to them. You need to tell them whether they are permanent or on a probation period. If there will be bonuses or incentives available and explain their job duties to them. 

6.    Training and Direction

For motivating, employee and improvement for your business need constant training and drills. A young employee can get enough benefits through training and direction to improve their abilities and skills. The training of young employee is a long term investment, and it helps the company in the long run. Training and proper direction give the young employee a sense of safety. It would help if you motivated them to take part in different training programs and encourage them to ask questions so that they can enhance their skills which is beneficial for the company. 

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