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The future of work in the context of human resources often involves new technologies like automation, which can generate 25–60% cost savings to businesses. However, it is more than that. The future of work also refers to trends such as diversity in the workplace, integration of virtual, flexible, and remote working culture and policies, as well as constant learning and development that redefine work. 

These forces entail the need to prepare your business for changes and advancements in tools, technologies, processes, guidelines, and skills that are relevant and crucial in the modern age. For instance, enlisting the help of outsourcing recruitment services can connect you with top talents in a growing competitive labor market.

Another redefining workplace trend is the rise of remote management practices when it comes to managing your team, for it enables you to cut costs, reach a global talent pool, and boost productivity within your organization. 

Check out the infographic below that highlights the other trends that will impact the role of human resources. 

Pem is the Marketing Manager of SuperStaff. Prior to working at Logiscale, he handled a small marketing agency in Los Angeles. In his free time, he pampers his dog all day long.