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There are many reasons why you should use video in recruiting. Utilizing videos can assist you with arriving at more candidates, stand out for them, convincingly present your employer image, increment your application rate, and improve candidate experience. 

There is no uncertainty that video content was a ruler in 2017. In 2018 and past, the ubiquity of videos will keep on developing. Specialists gauge that by 2019 video will represent 80% of all world full web traffic. 

This is the reason an ever-increasing number of employers and enrollment specialists have begun consolidating the utilization of video in recruitment.

How to use video for the recruitment process?

You can make video recruitment content for each progression of the candidate venture. 

You can utilize videos to introduce your employer image and representative incentive, clarify your contracting procedure, state thank you for applying, test and meeting work candidates, and so forth. 

As Best manufacturing headhunters we have collected some of the vital points which shows why recruiters should use video in their recruitment process.

Reason #1: To arrive at more candidates 

Individuals likewise love videos! This is the reason individuals share videos more frequently than content and pictures. As per Wordstream, video creates a stunning 1200% a higher number of offers than content and pictures joined! 

As it were, if you add a video to your activity postings, more individuals will share your activity postings. Accordingly, your activity postings will have the option to arrive at an essentially more prominent number of individuals. 

Reason #2: To land more position posting sees 

In the present candidate-driven employment showcase, work searchers have many openings for work. To employ the best individuals, you have to separate your activity postings to stand out for them. 

An incredible method to do it is to add videos to your activity postings. As indicated by CareerBuilder, work postings with video symbols are seen 12% more than assignments without video! 

Reason #3: To get more candidates 

Other than pulling in consideration of your latent capacity work candidates, videos are additionally incredible for persuading candidates to apply to your open employment positions. 

CareerBuilder overview has secured that position postings with videos have a 34% more noteworthy application rate. As such, by adding a video to your activity postings, you can get an essentially more prominent number of employment candidates to look over. 

Reason #4: To guarantee a social fit 

A video is an extraordinary instrument you can use to guarantee a superior social attack of your activity candidates. If you present your latent capacity candidates with a video that shows regular daily existence in your work environment, your potential capacity work candidates will have the option to envision themselves working at your organization. 

Subsequently, they will have the option to evaluate if a vocation at your organization is the thing that they are searching for. Thus, your latent capacity work candidates will self-choose and quit your procuring procedure on the off chance that they are not a solid match. 

Reason #5: To advance your employer image 

Videos are ideal for advancing your employer image and introducing your organization as an extraordinary employer. You can utilize videos to recount to a tale about your organization, feature your organization esteems, and present your worker offer. You can likewise exhibit your organization culture and your working environment and give potential candidates a look into a regular day to day existence at your office. 

This will assist you with accomplishing something other than telling candidates that you're an extraordinary employer. By utilizing videos, you can honestly give them how extraordinary it is to function at your organization. 

Reason #6: To improve candidate experience 

The reason numerous organizations have begun including videos at their profession site and sharing videos on their organization's internet-based life profiles and utilizing them in their virus recruiting messages. Video recruiting messages are an extraordinary method to win the best employment candidates. 

However, videos can likewise be utilized in the later phases of your contracting procedure. Videos are an extraordinary method to convey a separate message to your activity candidates.

Reason #7: To spare time 

Since work postings with videos draw in more occupation candidates, you won't need to burn through your time advancing your open employment positions over various channels. You will have the option to get more candidates in a shorter timeframe. Subsequently, you will essentially abbreviate your entire employing process and improve your opportunity to procure. 

At last, you shouldn't disregard the intensity of utilizing videos for screening and talking. Video talking with the procedure will spare you the time required for booking, voyaging, and inviting candidates in your office. 

Reason #8: To set aside cash 

Since work postings with videos have more perspectives, shares, and higher application rates, you won't need to spend such a lot of cash on elevating them to get a manageable number of occupation candidates in your enlisting pipelines. 

Another way utilizing videos in recruitment can spare your organization's buck is by directing video prospective employee meetings. An Aberdeen Group report, ROI of Video Collaboration, found that 72% of administrators studied recognized "decrease in movement costs" as the essential purpose behind utilizing video interviews. 

Use videos to improve your entire procuring process 

Utilizing video in recruitment can improve your entire contracting process. Utilizing videos can assist you with arriving at more candidates, stand out for them, present your employer image in a convincing way, increment your application rate, test and meeting candidates, speak with your activity candidates all through your enlisting procedure and upgrade candidate experience.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs on Headhunters for marketing