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The simple definition of the selection is to choose that person for your work environment, who has relevant skills and expertise in that domain. There are some criteria regarding qualifications and experience. Those who can fulfil the demands and requirements of the organization can aggravate the chances of receiving the appointment letter. Every organization keeps some rules and regulations to follow organization professionally well organized. Applicants have to learn the specific skills to take the job in the organization. Organization’s criteria can differ according to its nature. Similarly, the requirements of the selection of the employee also can vary according to the change in the life of the job. Here, we are talking about the selection criteria of the HR manager.

1 . Job advertisement

      The first step in this regard is to pose an advertisement according to the need of the organization. The job advertisement should be specific and relevant with precise details. There should be no ambiguity in the ad. Similarly, the required expertise and experience should be included in it with the offered packages and incentives. 

2. Screening of the applicants

      Secondly, testing is the main element in the criteria of the selection. The test could be in different forms. For instance, aptitude test, personality test, interest test, honesty test, situation test, tolerance test and ability test. Test conductor can indulge him in a different kind of situation to know the efficiency level of the applicant. This can exhibit to him about the management skills of the applicant that can he handle pressure in limited time or how much tolerance does he have. As we talk about the interest test earlier, it sets to measure the domain of the manager that what kind of targets he is interested in. Similarly, take test related to his cognition is also very important that can help administration that is he suitable for the specific kind of job or need to shift in another department. In this regard, the tolerance test plays a vital role that the administration must know the temper level of its employee so it can estimate the future possibilities for the organization. Same as, honesty test is also essential in this domain, this kind of test not just can fabricate the expected duration of the employee with the organization but also can accelerate the level of the excellent reputation of the organization in the market. Because honest employee will never reveal the weaknesses of his organization. So, during screening, this kind of test can secure the future of the organization.

3. Interview of the employment

      The third point talks about the techniques and needs of interviewing the applicant. The main motive to pick the right candidate for the right job. Test or interview conductor should analyze the behaviour and skills of the applicant that does he have the capability to develop, reinforce and change the prevailing culture of the organization. The interviewer should provide no leverage to the applicant because it can take catastrophic effects into the organization. M ore effective recruitment can pose a far-reaching impact on the organization.  Then try to attract, motivate and retain the applicants provided information in the front of the interviewer.

4. Reference and background checks

       This is a crucial step to do that before the new hiring administration must check the background and the references of the applicant. For instance, the administration can contact to applicant's former supervisor, co-workers and educators to verify the attitude and behaviour of the applicant. Which can give the organization an accurate perception about the skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses of the employee? Similarly, it is also essential to check the applicant's bank details and current financial status to cope with the chances of financial deceit in the future. Furthermore, it is also imperative to check the criminal record and data of the applicant to reduce the chances of trickery in the future. Same as, checking the reference is also essential so the organization can verify the documents, skills and abilities, which has been portrait by the applicant in the CV. For instance, to know about his employment history,  educational background and talk to his family and peers can help to collect the information about him. 

5. Medical examination of the employee

     Medical examination of the employee is necessary to avoid future disease to another employee. Sometimes foreigner can take any pandemic with him via travelling to concerned country. So, medical checkups can prevent any spread of the disease. Similarly, My Assignment Helps service exhibits its importance in real sense.  

6. Contract negotiation

       Contract negotiation is also significant to avoid future issues regarding management. Consultation should be on paper rather just vocal. Paperwork can be display as evidence in any critical situation.  

7. Appointment with letter

      The administration should send appointment letter after deciding that this employee will be an excellent addition in its organization. Moreover, the message should have all the details about the given incentives, etc..

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