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Every human resource manager is actively looking for ways to improve the team's productivity and experience. Technology has stood out as part of the solution that improves efficiency at the workplace and makes it more "human" by reducing stress and improving workers' wellbeing. Organizations, big and small, are increasingly adopting HR technology solutions to manage the workload without affecting quality. Below, you will learn about three ways technology can help your HR team remain on top of their game without affecting your company’s reputation.

Automation and Information Access

In some companies, human resource management involves more repetitive tasks than any other department. For instance, the payroll process is repetitive and time-consuming and is better handled through technology. Additionally, the process involves calculations that can affect employee salaries or company finances if conducted wrongly. This means that a high level of accuracy is required. Payroll automation significantly reduces the time taken to prepare payroll reports. Further, it can easily be adapted to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations and brings efficient time tracking tools to the premises.

Even with the implementation of automated HR systems, the HR team is highly dependent on information. Luckily, automation can bring digital filing systems with it. And what is the benefit? Instead of searching through a physical file cabinet, you can get useful information about an employee with a few strokes of the keyboard. The reporting features included in HR software are helpful for employee evaluation and promotion procedures.

Streamline Recruitment

The recruitment process is the single aspect of HR that stand to gain enormously from the adoption of HR software. Finding the right candidate for an open position and evaluating current employees' performance for promotion can be tedious, but not with the right technology on your premises.

Such systems help you create your employment strategy and maintain consistency in the type of people you hire. Days are gone when the HR team used to sift through hardcopy resumes and figure out which candidates are fit for the job. Today, all aspects of the hiring process are taken care of by technology. Take a closer look.

Unmonitored Application Screening

Technology gives your HR team access to unmonitored job application services where prospective employees fill in application forms online. The system then evaluates the application details using and shortlists candidates for manual vetting using preset criteria. This and other aspects of application self-service can significantly reduce workload for employees.

Customized Communication

The hiring process is communication intensive. Getting the right candidate involves sending customized messages to prospects showing what your brand is about. Communication is one of the smart ways your company can leverage tech in HR.

One-Stop Recruitment Solution

Traditionally, your HR team would have to manually review all resumes looking at answers to the various qualifications candidates have. HR software can check a significant part of the details, leaving you with very little to do. Consequently, recruitment and evaluation happen seamlessly.

Training, Performance Monitoring, and Employee Engagement

Onboarding remains a critical role for your HR team. New hires need to know your premises and the policies that guide your operations. HR software may contain training modules to inform and educate your employees on changes in policies and recommended practices.

Additionally, your HR team can create measurable performance metrics that can, in turn, help with custom performance appraisals. Different departments have different key performance indicators. Thus, evaluating all employees from the same performance template is outdated, and the route to the future must involve technology. Besides, you do not need to use complicated systems, you can learn how to make a simple app that takes care of your specific needs.

Further, companies are moving towards data-driven operations. What this means is that the HR department in your company should focus on collecting more data from employees in a bid to streamline processes. You can best achieve this through surveys and feedback, and other employee engagement platforms.


Technology can put your company on a whole different level. The HR team stands to gain significantly from the features provided in HR software. The result is that your team will be more productive and efficient. You will realize high returns on the investment before too long.

Author Bio: 
Lizzie Howard is a Colorado native who after graduating from the University of Colorado spends her time as a freelance writer. When Lizzie isn’t writing, she enjoys going on hikes, baking for her friends and family, and spending time with her beloved yellow lab, Sparky.