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HR Training and Development

We seek to inspire HR to do more. We are passionate about unlocking HR's potential.

We have a range of services for every budget, for every need and for every organisational culture.


One to one sessions with individuals, these are great ways of covering specific questions or needs, preparing for an important meeting or simply having an 'off-the-record' chat with a like minded professional who can give you constructive advice.

Sessions are usually up to one hour but longer consultations can be arranged over several days or weeks.

Key Note Speeches and Seminars

If you are looking for a short 'filler' for a HR conference or meeting, or are wanting to focus on a specific skill but can't find the time to bring your team together, our key note speeches and seminars are a great way to address your need.

We can deliver short, intensive, skills based seminars either face to face, over the telephone or via the web.  Seminars typically last between one and four hours.

A perfect way to deliver flexible HR training and development to your team.


Typically two or three days in length, the workshop is the traditional workhorse of the training industry.

At CourageousHR we recognise that our clients run workshops for reasons beyond just to train and develop their HR team - for example to create a team building event, to bring issues out into the open and resolve them and to thank their team for all of their hard work. We work with our clients and other third parties to ensure that all of their objectives are met.


Programmes are simply a series of workshops, seminars and other activities designed to build a range of skills and knowledge within a team. Programmes typically take place over a number of months and allow for skills to be practiced in the workplace and feedback to be obtained.

At CourageousHR, we work with our clients to deliver a range of bespoke activities to meet their objectives. Such activities include coaching, audit / analysis (individual and team), assessment, presentations as well as workshops and seminars.

Examples of our programmes have included;

  • HR Operational Excellence
  • HR Professional Development
  • High Potential HR 100 Days

Ongoing Development

Ongoing development differs from programmes in both timescales and need. Whereas programmes are implemented to meet a specific requirement e.g. transformation of the HR function, and therefore have a shorter timescale e.g. three to six months, ongoing development is designed to improve the capabilities of an HR function or team over a longer six months or more.

Using a range of workshops, seminars, assessment, coaching and other activities, ongoing development programmes are designed to build general HR skills and knowledge to meet the existing and anticipated needs of the team or function into the future.

Flexible yet consistent

Our goal is to deliver knowledge and opportunities to your HR team that gives them the confidence, skills and tools to deliver your HR strategy.

Our starting point is your needs. How we deliver that will be based on your organisation, resources, budget and time scales.