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A dilemma that often arises in the minds of many budding professionals is whether to go for a certification course or not? Most of them feel that it is not necessary as they have already done their graduation, and doing a specialised certification course will be similar. However, specialised certifications courses are not similar and are designed to be complementary. Most professionals understand the importance of improving their skills and competencies after working for a number of years in the industry.

Nowadays, the job market has become highly saturated. There is a lot of competition in the market and if you are not skilled enough, you can lose out opportunities to move your career ahead. The best way to ensure that you have an edge in this cut-throat job market is to improve your skills and establish yourself as an expert in the industry. Getting a certification is one of the best ways to do that.

Doubtful about the advantages of getting a certification? Here are some of the reasons why you should do an HR certification course:

• Your chances of landing a job is higher

Getting an advanced degree like MBA from one of the prominent universities or B-schools can help you in your mid-to-senior level career, as experience and track record matters in those positions. However, to get your career started in the right direction, certifications can help a lot. For junior-level positions, without any experience, it is difficult for organisations to choose the right candidates as there is no differentiating point. So, certifications can come handy, giving you an edge over other potential candidates. You have better chance of landing a job in one of the reputed organisations in your early career years with the help of an HR certification course.

• You can expect a better salary package

Salary matters a lot. If you are thinking that having a professional certification will help you make more than someone without, then you are right. According to a report by one of the prominent salary information company, HR professionals having a certification receives better compensation package than those without a certification. For a single investment on an industry-known certification, you can reap its benefit in the long run.

• Your skills are established through a certification

Getting a professional certification is like a stamp of approval that you have the skills for the particular area. It is not easy to pass a professional certification exam without preparation, without having knowledge of the field and without the requisite skills. It is like an IQ test among your peers, you have got something to prove your mettle. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are more intelligent than the rest. It is just that you have extra knowledge and training. You will still need to work hard to get the right experience and track record that will help you in the future.

• You may have a better chance of getting promoted

The word ‘promotion’ is like a melody to the ears of every professional. How do you get a promotion? When you have skills that make you eligible to be in the next level of your career or when your skills set is better than your colleagues. With the help of a professional certification, you can achieve both these conditions. So, yes, certifications can help HR professionals to move ahead in their career.

• You gain respect among your peers

This depends a lot on the type of certification courses that you do and the cognisance of the certification among your peers. But, with your ability to perform the job easily than the others and your expertise in the field will earn you the respect that you deserve. And this will come through the training you receive from the HR certification course.

Final Thoughts

A certification gives you the bragging rights and helps you to easily navigate through the highly competitive job market. You may have to spend some money to prepare with the help of HR courses and sacrifice some amount of your time, but you will gain a lot in the end. Though many will share their doubts regarding it, you must understand that the benefits are many and the risks, rare.

About the author: Hasib is a professional writer associated with He has written a number of articles related to technology, marketing, and career on various blogs and websites. As an amateur career guru, he often imparts nuggets of knowledge related to leadership and motivation through different media. He is also an avid reader and passionate about the beautiful game of football. Follow him @ twitter