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Both HR professionals and hiring managers are well aware that “hiring” is a crucial element for company’s success or demise. Recruiting literate and experienced employees increase job retention, boost morale and productivity. Still, highly selective hiring takes time and raise challenges for already busy human resource staff plus department managers. That’s the reason we find companies around the world outsourcing most of their staffing needs. In-case you feel uncertain to forego hiring tactics or perhaps haven’t thought of it yet, here’re a few benefits worth looking at.


There’re times when companies are busier than ever with employees have increased workloads. It’s difficult to accomplish certain goals and meet deadlines efficiently that often leads to deadlock and loosing valuable clients. If it’s usually last few weeks or months of fiscal year, hiring permanent workforce is irrational. Approach a staffing/outsourcing agency that’ll provide you with skilled personnel on short-term basis to achieve ultimate goals in a timely and much proactive manner.

Buy you time

Highly selective recruitment takes time for a manager who advertises for open vacancy then deals with pool of resumes. Even for a single position, hiring manager is likely to receive a hundred or thousands of applications depending on rewards, benefits and growth opportunities. Hiring process don’t end here in-fact; it’s just the start as managers conduct interviews, assessment tests, references, drug and character screening.
As busy recruitment employers always have their plate full, outsourcing a few staffing responsibilities seems to be a viable solution. Subcontracting agencies provide highly skilled personnel thus save valuable time and effort throughout the process.

Productive & economical

Business success depends on achieving the ultimate goal with less cost expenditure and hiring is no exception. Though outsource staffing isn’t entirely free, it’s much economical than traditional methods and productive. A company may invest same time, cost and dedication in something more crucial and let subcontract agencies do their job!

Accessibility to finest talent

Primary job responsibility of recruiters is to identify and pick top talent from applicant’s puddle. Managers have exclusive focus on hiring, interviewing and evaluating quality candidates; rather luxury busy employers couldn’t afford! Outsourced staffing thus maintains quality criteria that eventually boost productivity, employee morale and retention for your organisation.

Minimise legal risks

Policies associated with employment are added and modified frequently. Keeping abreast with these adjustments is thus challenging for human resource and recruitment managers so once again, staffing agencies come as a blessing to help minimise legal challenges. Besides, subcontract agencies follow market quite actively so they’ll definitely provide worthy and skilfull employees.

Lower healthcare expenses

Vulnerable employees and costly insurance plans are usually tied. Transferring employees to recruitment agency’s payroll helps mitigate medical expenses. In addition, depending on employee headcount, transferring workforce would make your firm eligible for small business tax breaks. If you’re a Middle East based company, consider rules per outsourcing in UAE for they can fluctuate.


Human resource is quite a descriptive context that goes beyond the discussion of this post. Outsourcing is considered a subcategory of basic HR functions and seems to be growing with time as companies around the world face recruitment and other challenges. In pure marketing perspective, it’s a cost-saving strategy when practiced appropriately. Purchasing goods outside the boundaries at is more affordable at-times; same rule applies to staff outsourcing.

Author Bio :

Sheharyar Ahmed is a Digital Marketer, Working with Recruitment Agency in Dubai. He writes about HR recruitment tips, leadership, HR Management and in particular UAE. He likes guitar and linux mint. Also a business coach and author of local News Paper.