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Written communication is increasingly becoming important in contemporary business. It is used to get work done in various organizational settings. Presently, all employees are shifting towards acquiring business writing skills in order to refine their output of work. Managers have also not been left behind. The positions that they hold in organizations are quite influential and strategic. Considering the HR manager, he/she occupies a central role in the daily operations of the organization. A HR manager represents the company when it comes to matters such as writing job adverts, recruitment, and selection and training of staff.

While considering their bulk of work, this article will highlight why HR managers need business writing skills.

Attracting Top Talent

Part of the work that a human resource manager does revolve around attracting, selecting and hiring employees. Specifically when the employee sought is of high importance to the company, the advertisement written should be of high professional standards.

You can attract various types of talent with business writing skills

This will enable the advertisement to attract someone who is of the right caliber, has the requisite skills and has experience in the field. Human resource managers ought to have the best business writing skills to enable them to adequately and satisfactorily describe what a job entails and its qualifications to prospective employees. This subsequently makes them attract top talent in the respective industries.

For Career Progression

When one is in a specific field of work, there is a clear hierarchy of career progression. For one to attain higher career heights, he/she has to improve and acquire more skills for competitive advantage constantly, for example, business writing skills. They become more significant as one progresses in their careers. A HR manager may be required to be more formal, draft formal documents and policies as he/she progresses up the hierarchy. In fact, the only individuals that are selected or promotions are those who demonstrate top business skills such as business writing.

As you progress up the career ladder, the level of skills needed is greater. The premise is that as you progress up the career ladder, you become a company representative on various crucial matters that require business writing skills.

Forestall Misunderstandings

One aspect that fuels workplace misunderstandings is communication breakdowns. Sometimes, people convey messages in an unclear manner, thus ending up bringing confusion and conflict. The message is often misunderstood or may elicit negative reactions from its recipients.

Negative reactions can be due poorly written communication

When assessing the work of a HR manager, it involves giving work instructions, commands, appraisals, recommendations and also correction. It also involves negotiation. It is therefore important for one to sharpen their business writing skills to prevent misunderstanding in the line of work. Such skills will help him/her to use the appropriate words and to use proper sentence structures in order to convey the intended meaning.

To Identify with Professionalism

In today’s world, people tend to measure the intelligence and prowess of a person based on how he/she is able to articulate themselves in writing. It doesn’t matter how qualified a person is in terms of academic papers. Even with high level degrees and certificates, one’s intelligence will be determined by how good they can write.

While businesses require competent individuals in terms of academic qualifications, they also need someone who can portray professionalism and intelligence by virtue of their writing. Since many businesses require written reports from time to time, it would add as an advantage for HR managers to improve their business writing skills for better prospects.

The Need for Concise Writing

When considering the strides that technology has made in the world of written communication, it is becoming imperative to have concise writing skills as part of one’s business writing skills. This is true especially with regard to emails. No one has the time to read long business emails. You could easily lose out on a great business deal simply because you buried your objective in a heap of words.

Most people tend to scan through messages rather than read them in their entirety. Thus, as part of business writing, being concise is an important aspect that should be embraced by HR managers. It will enable them to quickly convey messages in a concise but functional manner especially in matters that revolve around managing employees and workplace processes. A paper editor can be of help in making the message more concise.

Business writing is indeed essential, and HR managers should learn the skill for workplace success. Business writing skills enhance the negotiation capacity of managers when undertaking their work duties. It enables them to front a proper value proposition to all recipients of the communication. It also enables them to cultivate appropriate modalities that could bring out a great professional image.

Every HR manager should strive to improve their business skills. The reasons highlighted in this article are not exhaustive but are representative of the rationale to do so. Enhancing your business writing skills makes everything easier and gets you ahead in the professional world.

Author Bio:

Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a content marketer, sharing experience on writing, education, and self-development in her publications for example, In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.