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Being a part of the human resource department, the HR will be responsible for the smooth functioning of the different departments in the organization and dealing with the employee operations and issues.

The new HR could start off by gaining knowledge on the basic human resource duties and responsibilities and then proceed towards employee operations. The basic duties would include knowing how to conduct interviews, set up an orientation program and create a manual for the operation.

The process of interviewing

The primary task of the new HR would be to learn to conduct professional and highly efficient job interviews. They must be in a position to carefully pick the suitable applicants. A part of this interviewing process would involve gaining knowledge of the demands and responsibilities of each of the job positions in the organization.

A candidate might seem eligible, but knowing if they can communicate well too is the job of an HR. Making a thorough check on his qualification, certificates and background will also have to be carried out by the new HR. The HR should be in a position to analyse the skills of the applicant and examine the best suited role for them in the company.

Regularly coordinating with the line managers to gain information on the requirements of the company is equally important for an HR. Similarly, sending out interview details to the potential candidates, planning an interview schedule with the interviewing committee and channelling the same effectively should be done by the HR.

The training process

The new HR should understand the complete existent hierarchy of the company to make further additions to it.

After hiring the required candidates, allocating the workspace to each of these and completing the joining formalities would be the next thing a new HR should gain experience on. The joining formalities would include collecting the employee verification form, collecting the required certificates, making an entry of the new candidate into the company database, collecting the bank details, etc.

The new HR should themselves first be fully aware of the company’s procedures, manuals and other operations before proceeding to create an awareness among the other employees.

The importance of workplace development

The new HR, going forward, would be responsible for the creation and execution of the employee development program that includes working with the respective line managers and understanding the department’s objective and roadmap. Based on this, the compensation benefits would have to be worked upon every financial year or otherwise. The new HR should also gain knowledge of the current appraisal system that the company follows and work towards a smooth functioning of the same for the coming year.

The importance of effective communication

Lastly, the new HR should be skilled to talk and write effectively and be in a position to communicate with the different levels of the organization in the required manner. At the same time, they should be available as a support and a source of motivation and encouragement to all the employees.

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