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We use software to create our business plans, and accountancy software is the lifeblood of financial records, so why are so many people slow to take up software to help create and maintain employment contracts?  Most companies in the developed world will end up storing their contracts on their local hard drives, so why are they still creating contracts manually? By modern standards, if you are still creating contracts manually then it is the equivalent of taking a horse and cart to work every morning.

More than just a template

Some people do not care for employee contract software because they already work from a template. They use the template as a starting point for their contracts, but employee contract software does so much more. It holds your hand and takes you through the entire process. It is not just there to give you a starting point; it helps you to grow and evolve your contracts, and can be used to create suitable employment contracts for employees in different departments with wildly different duties and risks.

Contract building software acts as a labour saving device

You use similar software to make your business planning process a lot easier, and your accounts department would probably fall apart if it did not have its accountancy software. Contract building and maintenance software works in a similar way by acting as a labour saving device for your HR/personnel function. It means that less manual work needs to go into building and maintaining your contracts of employment.

Error correction becomes a lot easier

Changes in employment contracts are often difficult because you have to make sure that your change does not create a contradiction or loophole elsewhere in the contract. You may also have to change a similar detail on a multitude of different contract types. This is hard enough as it is, but having to manually sift through each type of contract to make sure you have made no mistakes is difficult.

Using software means that you may make changes quickly and make them across the board. It also means that any errors may be highlighted more easily and changed a lot quicker than if you were using no software at all. Keeping your contracts on file is not enough to ensure you correctly build and maintain each one. Using software is going to make correcting any errors on your contracts a lot easier, effective and productive.

Contract maintenance and storage is simplified

You can turn a fairly manual process into a semi-automated process, simply by installing and using contract maintenance software. You need to maintain your contracts because internal agreements and union agreements change frequently, as do employment and pay laws. Relevant software enables you to make the relevant changes in the correct contract areas more quickly and easily than doing it manually. Many programs also have storage and archiving facilities so that you may quickly access previous employment contracts very quickly. Many also have a fast and efficient categorizing function too, so that you can store your contract in an easy to use index.

About the author: Mark Spencer is a  Marketing Specialist, with over 15 years experience in the Marketing field and Direct Marketing Techniques.

About the company: Bright Contracts is a software package that has everything you need to create and manage your staff handbook and employment contracts. Getting these in place has traditionally been an expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. Bright Contracts makes it quick and easy.