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With high employment rates around the world, countless people are having a tough time searching for a job. Besides, research shows that a high percentage of employed people are dissatisfied with their jobs. Unfortunately, although almost all of us regularly use social media for social networking purposes, the importance of social media as a tool for job hunting has been completely overlooked. Social media, if used properly, can serve as a great tool for networking and introducing yourself to potential employers. Here are a few guidelines in this regard.

Building a professional online image

Nowadays, it is a common practice for employers to search prospective employees online. What comes up when your name is entered into a search engine has a lot to do with the probability of your getting the job. To have a clean online image, avoid putting up unprofessional posts and photos in your Facebook, Google or Twitter profiles. Furthermore, set up a professional profile on LinkedIn. This profile is actually your online resume. Also ensure that you put up a professional photo of yourself in your LinkedIn profile.

What information to include?

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the kind of information that needs to be included in your social media profile is to go through the profiles of other professionals in your industry. You need to analyze what social media networks they are part of and what information is included in their profiles, and then develop your profile accordingly. Another tip is to add such words in your social media profiles, which the recruiter is expected to use while searching for employees online.

Watch what you post online

Those who are actively searching for a job must be fully aware of the importance of putting their best foot forward in all their online activities. The first and foremost objective of maintaining a good reputation must never be overlooked in any of your online activities, be it a Facebook status update or a tweet. The fact is that what you say on social media remain in the public eye for quite a long time. As you would definitely not want an off-the-cuff comment you made on twitter to cost you a great job opportunity, you must think twice before posting anything online.

Making the right connections

LinkedIn is a source of a wealth of useful information on individuals and companies. This is the platform that can be utilized for networking with the individuals who can help you in getting your desired job. Firstly, you must have with you a list of companies where you wish to work. Then, you can use LinkedIn to make connections with the people who already work for these companies. In this way, you will get to know about the job opportunities that are not advertised. You can even let these people know that you are looking for a job. Furthermore, the connections that you make here are the individuals who can give you good referrals. Hence, the various social media platforms, if used strategically and carefully, can greatly facilitate you in getting your dream job.

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