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Every new parent experiences the love for their new baby but also fear. Fear of something happening to their child. This fear is especially expressed once daily life must get back to normal. For most parents, life must get back to normal just a few weeks after an infant is born and care is essential for the child while mom and dad get back to the office.
It is at this time that parents can be the most afraid. Who will care for their baby as they would? Is day care and preschool affective and safe for an infant? These are just a few questions that new parents ask when considering an infant care program. Across the globe there are infant programs that start as early as six weeks for children to be cared for as well as to start an early educational experience.
Children are never too young to learn and top quality infant day care facilities will not only care and nurture the everyday needs of an infant but also work towards teaching basic skills and growth. Parents want to find a ‘home away from home’ that will provide their infant with a caring and loving place to stay while they are away at work.
Starting at the young age of six weeks, infant care givers of top quality establishments will care and love for a child. Daily feeding schedules will be marked and reported to parents to constant communication is achieved. By placing your child in care at a very early age, your child will have an early jump start to social, emotional and physical growth.
Infant care programs are all about trust. An infant is very vulnerable and parents must feel as though the facility is prepared and ready to care for every physical and emotional need. Infants need constant care so a top quality facility will provide excellent resources for both safety and nurturing. The staff should be quite large for an infant facility to be able to handle the needs of small children. The staff should never be outnumbered so that every child receives the care they need.
There are several aspects that parents should look for when enrolling an infant in a day care environment. Below are a few key points to consider:
• A nurturing and personal environment that will build trust and self-esteem from the infant towards the care giver
• Teacher/child interaction to help provide motor skills and cognitive thinking
• Playtime and interactive experiences
• Age appropriate equipment and materials to be used in the developmental aspects of the day
• Safe and secure environment with regular safety courses and checks
• Teacher/parent communication on a regular basis; includes daily updates
• Movement and exploration areas older infants
• Practice of American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Guidelines
These are just a few factors to consider when searching for a top quality infant care facility. As a parent, you have your own ideas and needs when it comes to care for your new infant. Make a list of what you are concerned with and discuss these matters with the infant care facility you are considering. This will make you feel more comfortable and help to determine if the facility is a right fit for you. By researching and investigating local day care centers, you will be able to find the best fit for your child. Continue to enroll your child in day care as they progress in age to help prepare the child for social and educational activities such as elementary school.

Author Bio:
Tina loves children. She is always looking for ways to ensure they grow up to be mature human beings. She strongly believes that the first few years of education builds a strong foundation for a child’s education.