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Working as human resource specialist is all about expanding your connection within an industry and learning the different groups of people that run it. Within this ecosystem, you have to be the agent that holds them together while allowing room to grow. There is no telling when you will be required to find the next best candidate to join you and that is where head hunting comes in.

When finding the right person for a job, you need to be well aware of who your company needs and what kind of an applicant would fit in. Searching for the right candidate takes time and patience, but most importantly a broad network. If you are in the position of finding a new employee, here are some tips that could give you some direction.

Social Network

There is no better place to search for your next candidate than on social networks. Many popular websites like LinkedIn host people with their resumes as well as their current portfolio on their websites. You can easily use this website to scan for potential applicants as well as quickly see who the applicant has worked for and what they are good at.

Another benefit of using social media as your head hunting tool is that you may stumble across different people who are simply connected to one another. For example, you could find a computer engineer by first running into a business agent who used to work in the same company as him. The networking allows for a broad and diverse environment for you to work in.

HR Community

To be more effective as an HR, you cannot ignore the power of knowing other HR’s around your local region. It’s best to stay in touch with one another and learn from each other about the ins and outs of your job. But most importantly, knowing other HR’s can also greatly help in looking for applicants. By getting help from other human resource experts, you can double your search effort and coordinate with them to look for applicants. They may even make your work easier by suggesting one of their own candidate or something that they used to work with previously.

Employee Acquaintance

This relates to what we discussed in social networking. Knowing an employee should also mean that you know who they work with. All employees tend to form a group and work together to handle different tasks. By simply inquiring within this group, you can get a lot of useful information about a new employee.

Workers that form these unions also tend to know things that you might not fully understand. A computer engineer’s job might seem complicated to some HR’s, but the engineering group itself understands it well and they can suggest you someone who is well versed with the job requirements.

Online Advertising

There is no harm in casting a large net within the online world. Although most of your searching will be done in the real world, getting a job posting up online is easy, cheap and most importantly, effective. For just a little bit of your time, you can quickly get a job posting up on the web that could make your job much easier.

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