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Do you want the CEO of your organization to appreciate you? Do you want him to praise you for being such a dedicated employee? Do you want him to consider you an invaluable asset of the company? If your answers to all these questions is yes, then read these tips that will help you fulfill the expectations of your CEO as an HR leader or executive.

Match talent resources with company strategy

One of the most important ways through which HR leaders can make themselves invaluable to the business as well as the company is by matching talent resources with company strategy. CEOs have certain expectations from a HR executive that he or she will understand the needs and goals of a company and search for the brightest candidates of the industry to help a company complete its goals within a short span of time. CEO wants an HR executive to help in the allocation of resources and strategic planning as these are the two key-factors upon which a company depends. The CEO wants an HR to determine the number of resources in each area to implement the strategy and create balance in the organization. That is why CEOs want a proficient HR leader as the whole company depends upon the choices he or she makes about the number of people or resources. His/her one decision and turn a profit into loss, or vice versa. Therefore, it is important that an HR executive match talent resources with the strategies of the company.

Help attract the best and brightest

One of the most ways through which an HR leader can attain the respect of a CEO is by attracting the best and the brightest stars of the industry. CEOs have an expectation from the HR department that they will proactively find and hire the best of the candidates not just by putting up the job descriptions whenever a vacancy occurs but by searching for a candidate themselves. A true HR leader has strong marketing skills that help him capture the attention of the best candidates in the industry. That is exactly what a CEO wants from HR leaders.

Deliver excellence in the onboarding process

One of the ways through an HR leader can win the appreciation of a CEO is by delivering excellence in the onboarding process. HR leaders need to develop good management skills. For this purpose, they have to drive strong management practices by following a very famous mantra ‘Do micro-train not micromanage.' It is really easy to hire a right candidate but very difficult to train them in a way that they become invaluable assets to the organization. Many companies get disappointed when a new employee doesn't start contributing quickly. This is not the way to deal with a new employee. He needs to be trained, and that is the task of a HR executive to help him get trained. HR has to own this onboarding process to stop a right candidate flounder in an organization. An HR leader has to make the new candidate aware about the company, give him a general knowledge about the industry and have him attend the meetings with key executive along with training him.

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