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With the increasing competitiveness in the market, the challenges for the organization to develop their businesses are also increasing. This is where the importance of the role of Human Resource (HR) Manager increases too. HR manager is the one who lays the bedrock of every successful organization. HR manager plan different programs and strategies for the employees that lead them to achieve the strategic objectives and yearly goals. Every HR manager is responsible for providing professional and healthy environment to the employees who benefit not only the employees but also employers. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the major roles of the HR and HR manager in any organization which is still in its development phase.


It is the primary role of every HR manager to recruit the right resource in the organization according to the needs of the vacant job description. It is the duty of the HR department to design proper guidelines and methods to examine every applicant and forward it to the concerned department for final scrutiny. This is the point from which every HR manager starts its career and the pillar of every HR department in the developing organization. This recruitment part can also break down in further two parts which are given below.

Attract Talent: The first section of every recruitment is to attract the needed talent towards your organization. The HR department needs to create a proper plan to attract the talented professionals to their organization so they can help the developing organization in achieving their goals.

Hire Resources: If you succeed in attracting talents, now you have to find the gem among them. Maybe you would find many right applicants, but you have to find the best among them to get what your organization is lacking. You have to see the other sides of the applicants too so they can be the all-rounder for the organization.


After the recruitment part, training is the second most important aspect of any HR manager and HR department. Once you have recruited the right person, now you have to train him so he can get the idea of your organization and all its business. It is important for the HR department to conduct training sessions with the new hires so they can understand the policies and the work pattern of the organization. To get the most efficient results, on job training is the best way. It helps the new hire to get involved in the ongoing assignments and to mingle up with the other employers as well. For the developing organization, it is important that every employ should be on the same page so they can achieve big and achieve together.

Maintaining the Culture

Maintaining the work culture of the developing organization is important because it directly affects the performance of the employs. It is the responsibility of the HR depart to look over every work related need of the employers. HR have to make sure to eliminate any stressful or awkward environment so that the department can produce results on the maximum of their potential.

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Emelia Hudson is a passionate writer who likes to write on educational and career related topics. She has explored different extents in the field of HR. these days she is working at Writengine as a HR executive.