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With the changing work scenario and with the advent of technology as a considered alternative, human resource has managed to retain its significance in the field of employment. It is claimed and assured that technology and machinery has taken over, but most of the times it is not the case. The importance of manual force, labor and personnel remains the same in many organizations as it was in the past. Regardless of the fact, times have changed and mechanisms have taken over, human resource is still there and counts as an essential operational department and section within an organization. Human resource is defined as administration, management and direction done by the presence of human skills and abilities. These individuals have learned to develop and improve the workplace environment by dealing and supervising a workplace, business segment or any other part of the economy. Human resource is defined as the physical effort done by many individuals with the help of their own competencies and capacities. In the current development, the quality of human resource is debatable, many organizations are losing the original value of human resource, and many individuals are lagging behind due to their incompetence and inabilities. Therefore, the need to revolutionize the skills and capacities of every personnel is compulsory. This filtering is done to improve and enhance the productivity of an organization. Skills are present everywhere, but it is difficult to find the right king of skills required to perform the right kind of a job.

Leadership qualities

A competent employee will be the one allowing them to push forward; a competent individual will be the one possessing leadership qualities and elements, through which they can lead and allow the company to thrive. Leadership qualities include managing, leading, directing and supervising the daily tasks which assists the company. With the help of these elements, individuals can draw out plans for success, can decide the visions and missions of the company and lastly can lead each other for extreme yield.

Customer Gratification

A client is contented and satisfied with the presence of exceptional workforce of individuals in a company. The better the personnel or human resource is, the better the productivity and result will be. The level and quality of productivity do not always depend on the machinery or technology, but how an individual is motivated and active within a company.


Uniqueness and originality are two main aspects that allow a company to move ahead. This is only possible with the help of creative and innovative minds of the workforce, imagination, inspiration and ingenuity are elements that are widely appreciated and demanded by the customers and clients. With the help of different ideas proposed by individuals the company can move towards a successful path.

Success of the Company

Last but not the least, it is the individuals, the workforce and the labor that actually define a company not its assets, capital or technology. A corporation can only flourish if it possesses skills, practiced and adept labors that are willing to work for the sake of improvement and maximization of its productivity. An organization can only be highlighted when its human resources are capable, united, skillful and possessing maximum leadership qualities.

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