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The loss always generates fear and concern, but can become a drive to achieve what they never could and reinvent our interests. When a person who devoted much of his life working suddenly finds himself in a situation of unemployment, you may experience positive and negative impacts, but all depends on the approach that gives.

Emotionally they can have many answers as anxiety, tension, anxiety or worry, because people misunderstand the decisions of a company, as they are dynamic and they are updated over time, which leads them to disregard a person.

According to psychoanalyst psychologist, any loss assumes a pain, and the 'grieving process' in an executive should not be eternal. The grieving process has different stages. The first (facing the loss of a job) is denial, because the situation generates impact on your life; the second supports and negotiates with reality, and is the longest and most painful; but the third situation rebuilt. And this is where an opportunity for change and development is generated.

Many executives remain 'mourning' for long, because they failed to have autonomy in their life, that is, devoted many hours to work and became dependent on this, so when they feel that they lose the illusion and expectations fade.

The same situation is evident in the retirement process, it was revealed that many executives see it as a negative situation, but others see it as an opportunity to do something different.
Generally, a prosperous person occupationally, it has the economic situation resolved, so the retirement situation generates an opportunity to rebuild their interests and seek new challenges, provide expertise and share knowledge.

The psychologists have noted that any change creates fear and is inherent to life, but that fear can become an illusion and struggle, with a good attitude and positive results will be achieved. If the work was seen as a passion and not as a livelihood perspective is another.

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