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When business resources are extended; there may be promotions, raises and various employee perks. Corporate training is one solution that provides employees an economic benefit as well as to show interest in their development and retention. The best training programs are geared towards increasing staff efficiency and create a friendly, motivational bond between diverse employees to boost productivity.

Training is crucial especially when there’s a new hire. There’re many different ways to make the staff familiar with their positions, aware existing employees with current policies and incentives. Different organisational training programs may include interactive learning, rewards, informative videos and real-time workplace exercises. Find out more below!

1. Team cohesiveness

Success of an organisation and the ability to move as a team has long been known a critical skill among different corporate environments. In today’s competing and versatile global economy, inter-team collaboration and training is crucial that’s focused on diversity, self-awareness, inclusion, facilitation and solving problem as a group. The routine workplace operations are streamlined that require different teams/departments to work in unison.

2. Work styles & temperament

Personality assessment is common at the time of hiring and from time to time. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is widely accepted and a psychometric evaluation method to measure cognitive preferences. According to the rule, employees are classified into 16 different types, each with various personality traits. Digging deeper into these types and preferred communication style helps dodging workplace conflicts and foster stronger and more effective teams.

There’s also a test which takes more or less 20 minutes to complete is administered prior the training by a veteran. In the workshop, results are reviewed by the employees while focused on choosing their own and respecting others preferences as well as acquire skills help them work with all types.

3. The emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence deficiency manifests in many ways as it can either be an employee becoming a drug addict or a short-tempered manager. The very term “emotional intelligence” is a package of skills, abilities and behaviours helping employees to manage themselves and others as a team. If a corporation falls short of it, derailed careers and loss of productivity are likely to happen.

Although not a subject we usually study at school, it’s critical for overall success and to some extent considered as innate. Still, workers don’t live up to their full potential when in overstressed environment!

A workshop on emotional intelligence can help workout strategies that influence their strengths and work on improving their weaknesses. Workshop participants may practice on their empathic listening tactics and be evaluated by peers. It’s an ultimate opportunity to measure organisational goals that can be infused with training and development plans.

4. Clear & logical communication

The Radicati Group in 2004 conducted a research according to which an average user dispatches more or less 34 emails per day. In 2016, the count has increased tremendously with the extension of social media but what about workplace conflicts that may rise through a poorly worded email! Almost every employee has access to official email but not all can write draft a perfect one. Chances of miscommunication are greater which calls for succinct business writing.

Business communication training should dwell around clear, effective and precise communication as well as when to call and engage face-to-face. Case studies are an excellent training source; results may vary per group but it’s an opportunity to analyse what went wrong and how it can be adjusted.


The value of corporate training in Dubai is far greater as business expansion in the city moves with the speed of light however, it’s essential for all organisations irrespective of their geographic location and nature of operations.

About the author

Sheharyar Ahmed is a Digital Marketer, Working with Recruitment Agency in Dubai. He writes about HR recruitment tips, leadership, HR Management and in particular UAE. He likes guitar and linux mint. Also a business coach and author of local News Paper.