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If you are a team leader in your office, you must know that inspiring and motivating your team is the most important yet difficult thing for the completion of projects. You need to adopt various strategies to resolve all the differences between team members in order to motivate them for the accomplishment of a common goal.

However, things can get a bit out of control if you don’t know how to motivate them and keep them together as a team.

Fear not! Adopt the following strategies to learn how you can increase the levels of motivation in your team and accomplish goals smoothly.

1. Show Optimism

You can only generate high spirits among your employees by demonstrating them or proving to them the ultimate power of optimism. Show them through your act that being optimistic can get things done quite efficiently even if the goal is a bit intricate or arduous. Create a positive outlook and encourage positivity among the group members.

2. Be A Role Model

It is a golden rule of life to practice what you preach in order to make the difference. You cannot expect your employees to show enthusiasm if you are not being an enthusiastic person yourself. Give your 100% dedication to the project. Being a leader does not mean sitting in the office and watching others work. The best leaders around the world are those who work side by side with their employees to boost their motivation and increase quality of work.

3. Clarity In Vision

First of all, you should have a clear vision of the targeted goals before you try to motivate your employees to achieve them. If your employees do not know the real purpose and goal of any project, they may get distracted.

4. Ask For Feedback

Asking for opinions and feedbacks from employees is a great exercise to keep them focused and motivated all day long. Positive feedbacks boost the motivation and efficiency of employees while negative feedbacks help them improve.

5. Create A Happy Working Environment

If your employees are frustrated and tired, it will reflect through their work. It is very important to them some time-off and create a happy and comfortable working environment for employees so that they can use office hours productively and efficiently without any stress.

6. Training And Workshops

Training and workshops not only enable the employees to polish up their skills and abilities but it also makes them motivated. Including motivation inducing methods in the training programs has proved to improve focus of employees on their work. Holding a workshop for any specific project can also help you bond with employees and communicate all important instructions with them.

7. Make Each Employee Feel Valuable

As a leader, you must know that you cannot expect an employee to perform at their best if they do not realize how valuable they are for any particular project. Hold regular sessions to discuss the progress and tell each employee how they can contribute to it. Make them feel valuable if you want to make them show motivation towards work.

8. Praise And Promote Innovation

Old and conventional ideas never motivate anybody. If you want your employees to get motivated, promote and appreciate new innovative ideas. Ask your employees to do some homework and come up with new and different ideas. Discuss all those ideas and ask them about their application in the project. This way, each of your employees will brainstorm for new ideas and find inspiration to work through their ideas.

9. Build Mutual Trust And Respect

It is important to remember that no work can be done without mutual respect and trust. If you are not satisfied with the work of your employee, discuss it with him in private. This way you can prevent your employees from feeling demotivated. And if you find something worth praising, praise your employee in front of all other employees. Getting praised in front of the entire office does not only boost the interest level of that one employee but it provides an inspiration to all other employees as well.

10. Introduce Reward Schemes

This is one way to allure your employees to work. You can introduce different kinds of rewarding schemes depending on the nature of the projects. For instance, give someone an early off or a voucher for dinner with family when they complete a project before the deadline. Being rewarded for better performance, attitude or punctuality can result in higher motivation and thus higher productivity.

By using these strategies, you will observe a visible change in attitude of your employees towards work.

About the Author:

Sharon Stuart has been working for Dissertation Mall for years. She considers herself as a prolific writer and editor. Though her main passion is writing, she also sometimes indulges in designing abstract art.