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Getting a highly efficient candidate with skills suiting with the job requirements is as difficult for a recruiter as finding a job for the candidate. When an organization is hiring, they need to ensure that they are choosing a right applicant. But, when it comes to hire new graduates then the whole process becomes quite delicate and precise.

Facing a real interview is a first time experience for the college graduates and they are not introduced with the corporate behaviors and pedagogies. So, the whole sole responsibility comes over the recruiter to give a brief description about the company and picks out the best from assort.

Here are few simple tricks, which can help to get the best candidate from the campus.

• Establish and Cultivate a Healthy Campus Relationship

Nowadays, all renowned college campuses have a special recruitment cell exclusively for their students, so that they can get the best job offers. They liaison with the external agencies or companies for the recruitment process and it is vice-versa. For a recruiter or a recruitment firm, it is always suggested to maintain a healthy and productive relation with the talent search team. They help to provide a glimpse of the culture and traditions of the campus, which can help to design a tailor made recruitment strategy.

• Be Careful While Choosing the Campus

For a recruiter, it is very important to pick out the best colleges for the hiring process. While making the list of colleges, most of the recruiters prefer colleges that have more courses, a good recruitment history and reachable location. But, there might be chances that those rankings are given on some other paradigm’s which is not relevant with your requirements and criteria’s. 

• Assign the Correct Person

Would you visit a stall with a lethargic representative, or if the stall is looking very dull and humdrum? Would it be worth if the representative asks you to check the company website in reply of your answers? A fresher is always curious to know about the company which has arrived for the hiring, they want to know more about the credibility and processes of the company. So, always make sure to send an active recruiter that can answer all the queries efficiently and can be a positive face of the organization.

• Interact With the Candidates

To maintain the credibility and gain the interest of the candidate, interacting with the candidate is a very crucial step. A recruiter should interact with more and more candidates and should be open about the company policies and strategies. He/she should be answerable to all the questions and should give a brief about the company and what are the expectations from the candidates.

• Draft a Competent & Active Hiring Process

Making an effecting hiring process is the most essential and pivotal part of the whole recruitment process. It involves various steps, which are as follows:

 Review job application
 Test the candidate
 Interview of shortlisted candidates
 Select the candidate based on pre-determined criteria’s
 Background & reference check

• Analyze your Developments & Outcomes

Keeping a track on the hiring results may help a lot in improving the recruitment processes. It is suggested to keep a record of the total number of hiring, interview to offer, retention rate and few other factors. Be in-line with the current hiring as well as salary trends too. Once you have analyzed your weak points, then it can help further to improve the recruitments and will make the whole process smoother.

It is equally important for the applicant and the recruiter to analyze the steps of recruitment very carefully. The candidate should be aware of the latest corporate hiring trends and act accordingly in the interview. Whereas a recruiter should develop some short term internship or training sessions for the new grad, as it will help to identify the future potential employee too. Every organization has a vision and mission and leading towards the fulfillment of that vision depends upon an employee. Hence it is the prime responsibility of a recruiter to offer the job to a right-skill set person who will conclude in the imperative growth of the company.

Author Bio:

Vineeta Singh has been writing on various topics for over four years. She has been creating blogs and write-ups for different websites and during her leisure time she likes to read more about photography and travelling. Reach her @Twitter