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HR Manager- every job seeker is familiar with this title because you are mostly asked to send your resume to HR, HR contacts you and if you are successfully employed then you are step by step guided and assisted by HR at an initial stage of your employment. Due to which organisations seek for a responsible, sensible, qualified and smart employee to hold the position of HR Manager. Similarly, if any organisation is in need to hire HR manager then they evidently show the qualification and experience of the candidate.

It’s a fact that team only hire those candidates who fulfil their demands in regarding qualification and expertise but when you are about to hire a content writer as HR manager then following aspects should be considered:

HR Manager vs. Content Writer

Content writer- as the name indicates, a person who is responsible for writing materials in the form of articles, blogs, thesis and web content. They vary from individuals to individuals, some work as an academic writer, some perform duties as web content developer and some are hired as Creative development executives. Their duties differ concerning their post.

Whereas HR manager holds the responsibility of recruitment, interviewing, hiring new employees, intercession between workers and bosses and general supervising of personnel departments.

While examining from both panel, it is concluded that HR manager and Content Writer, both are different professions from every aspect.


We are not saying that everyone from any profession can be HR Manager but a content writer can be performed this task well by utilising his multitasking skills.

As HR Manager is bound to carry out multiple assignments at a time, similarly a Content Writer is used to of tackling this hectic situation. Content Writer has learned to accomplish the given task on particular to a deadline so, while addressing multiple issues, he knows to handle.


Writing is an art of creativity. One cannot be a writer if he lacks creativity. From e-mailing interview appointments to updating jobs on different websites using catchy eye taglines. Concisely HR Manager transitorily works as a Content Writer. Therefore; a Content Writer can be hired as HR Manager by utilising his creative skills.

Interaction with people

A primary function of HR Manager is to interact with different people and a Content Writer can manage to perform this duty well as he is supposed to writing content for various parties, so he understands the mentality and requirements of different people.

Ability to recruitment and selection

Human Resource Manager is responsible for developing immediate solutions to meet workforce demands. An employment administrator oversees the recruitment and selection process. If you hire a Content Writer to perform this duty, then it may be not much convenient for them because selecting candidates for the job is entirely different from selecting appropriate content.

Administrative Role

The content writer works under administration and Human Resource Manger holds the responsibility as an administrator itself. If you are hiring Content Writer as HR Manager, then it will be considered as incompatibility for a writer to work as an administrator.

About the Author:

Edward Wicks is a professional content writer. He has a bachelor degree in computer science. Recently he joined an online UK-based essay writing services Provider Company entitle as Essay Done UK on the position of SEO content writer. Edward Wicks has many years of solid experience in this field. He loves content writing with depth of his soul.