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HR is all about managing human resources in the best way possible but in order to manage your human resources effectively; one has to have the main skills for management of human resource. Therefore, we will discuss those main skills, which should be acquired and perfected by ones, who want to become successful Human Resource professionals.

1. Recruiting

In order to become a successful HR professional, recruiting an employee is a very important skill, in recruiting you to have to first understand and find the area where you believe a company needs a new employee then you have to find the suitable employee whose skills matches the skills required for the position.  You have to prepare a test, which will check his skills, and then you have to conduct an interview, where you have judge the personality of a person by judging his body language and his communication. 

2. Screening

Screening is a part of recruitment where you select the list of many candidates, who possess the skills required for the certain roles. In screening, you have to identify whether candidates are qualified for the role by checking their qualifications such as education, skills, experience and related achievement and match their qualifications with the required skills.  Candidates, who match the skills required for the job, are shortlisted for the further recruiting process.   

3. Relationship

Relationship skills are another important skill that plays a major part in work performance of the employees. A successful HR professional is one who treats his employees like a friend and one of whom employees are not afraid to share their problems. HR professional who has this skill share information with every employee that helps them in their work helps his employee when they are facing a problem and always keep their morale high. This skill is so important that it can decrease or increase the turnover rate of the company.  

4. Organization socialization

Organization socialization is a process, which helps an employee in understanding about an organization, its environment, and skills required to become the perfect employee. It is a process of helping an employee settles in an organization and getting familiar with the company. This process helps an organization in increasing its and its employee’s effectiveness, increasing the job satisfaction, decreasing the job-related pressure and decreasing the turnover rate. This is the skill that HR professional must have.

5. Scheduling

Every organization has long-term and short-term goals that need to be done in a specific time, HR professional schedule those goals and decides when every employee will achieve his personal goals that will help in achieving organization’s short-term and long-term goals. These goals should be checked whether organization and employee are on the correct path of achieving these goals. 

6. Human resource information system

In today’s world, it is important for HR personnel that he or she is up to date with the technology and must know how to use that technology for HR benefits. HR professional should have IT literacy, which is very important in the age of technology; they should possess the skills to use human resource information system, which provides various benefits like managing HR payroll, recruitment, administrative and accounting in a cost and timesaving manner.   

7. Social media

Social media is the best way to look out for new employees and to promote your business, HR professional should have the social media skills to create company’s awareness, company’s positive image and to provide information to the public like job openings, training workshop etc. These social media site tells a lot about potential employee’s interest, educational background, and work experience.   

8. Performance management

Good HR professionals have management skills that get the best out of his employees. They are able to tell them what sort of performance they expect from after giving them needed information, they keep an eye on the performances of every employee, tell them how they are doing, how they can improve, train them to give them skills and knowledge and at the end, evaluate their performance.   

These skills are must have for the people who dream of becoming a successful HR professional because these skills ensure that they provide knowledge and skills to effectively manage company’s employees.

Author bio:
Josh Pinto is a freelance writer, who works for Digisoft. He is Masters in Human Resource from Lusofona University of Porto. He also provide assignment writing help to student who weak in their study.