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HR is the most important department in every organization. Many employees work in every organization and Human Resources helps run the whole firm with effective techniques. In this article, we talk about six major responsibilities of HR in every company.

Hiring Employees

The Human Resources Manager has the task in which they must know how many job vacancies are available in a company and how much time will they take to fill all these position. As a HR manager, you must know how to deliver staffing and recruiting services in a company. HR plays a major function in maintaining the staff workforce. Jobs posting, resume checking, interview scheduling, interview taking and coordinating recruitment efforts with managers in-charge for taking the final decision on candidates.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a significant factor at workplace. According to the act of 1970, workers have a right to want a secure working atmosphere at workplace.  HR is responsible for checking the environment at the workplace on a daily basis.

Good relations with employees

This is a very important function of HR. Most firms work to coordinate employees and their labors, and HR is an expert in managing different levels of working employees. HR makes policies which cover the norms and guidelines of how to develop good relations with employees.

Salary and Compensation

Salary and compensation is most important responsibility of HR. HR monitors employee's performance with the coordination of their manager and increase salaries according to company policy. If any employee wants to take sick leave then HR must compensate the salary amount to employees. 

Increment and Bonus

HR must make plans in which they measure the employee performance and motivate them through increments and bonuses. In every successful firm, companies invest money in their employees according to their performance and give rewards on a 6 monthly or yearly basis. HR must have policies in which they mention the basic increment and bonus in a year. They also mention the performance increment according to the specific job. HR always coordinate with managers and asks the performance of a particular employee to set the increment with their performance.

Monitor and Measure performance 

HR is responsible for monitoring and measuring performance of every employee. If someone doesn’t follow the rules and regulation of a company then then must be given a warning. HR must talk to managers to get the performance of employees. HR must have a policy regarding few important points that are very dangerous for employees and company as well. Sexual harassment, fraud money and other criminal activities are not allowed and if someone involve in these kinds of activities then HR's role is to fire that person and inform to police as well.

Finally, HR plays all these major roles in every organization. When HR doing these activities effectively, then productivity will increase in every company. 

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