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Human Resources in organizations are meant to strengthen the executive arm of the management. Their roles pack the administering of personnel and their paychecks. HR managers are often considered as the villains in the organization as they will make sure that you are paid less for more work from an employee’s perspective.

On the other hand, for the organization, these are the good guys as they are saving the organization money plus will recruit and hire individuals that are best suited for doing a certain job skillfully within the organization. So is their new role for the HR professionals and what might be paving way for this.

1. HR Needs to Transform

HR in the organization needs to shape their practices. They should be more forward looking. We all have heard how human capital is superior to monetary aspects and that is true because employees are your real assets. Thus, HR policy should be to invest in human capital and in turn, this will lead to increased revenue.

That is how HR needs to transform. A well-trained, qualified and skilled staff will automatically save the company money. Times are changing and HR will have to adapt to the changing environment. According to Richard Branson, it is not the customers who are first but the employees because if they are happy customers will be happy.

2. New HR Roles

HR roles can be further classified into that being of a strategic partner, employee advocate and a change companion. HR managers must understand that they are no just there to plan cost cutting measures but to also serve in the aforementioned capacities. This is the requirement of a modern day HR.

1) Strategic Partner

As strategic partners, HR managers work towards the realization of the company-wide objectives. Their presence adds to the overall of strategic business plan of the company. On a tactical level, HR must be aware of the designs of the work systems where people should be able to bring value to the table and in the process flourish.

As a strategic partner, HR design performance development tools such as appraisal mechanism, succession planning etc. and will have to think and act like business people, should be knowledgeable about finance and accounting in order to contribute as a strategic partner.

2) Employee Advocate

As an advocate, HR professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring that the environment for people is motivating, contributing and joyful. It also rests on the shoulders of HR managers that they should devise methods to set effective goals, communication and instill the habit of empowerment through assigning responsibility.

3) Change Companion

Once the culture and climate of the organization have been established, then comes the need for constantly evolving. With the help of this only, any HR can accommodate to any change in strategies and their subsequent execution.

To become a change champion, HR managers should be able to ascertain HR function’s effectiveness, in addition to evaluating changes in other departments and workplace activities. Remember the vision and mission statement? HR keeps track of whether or not direction as a whole of the company is aligned with them to be truly called as change champion

In conclusion

HR personnel is people like you and me but to label them as bad guys is inappropriate. It is because they are merely doing their jobs and there is always room for improvement. If you think there is exploitation due to unemployment, you are right but that is just the way of the world.

They are earning their paychecks primarily by keeping you unemployed or else it would be them who would be unemployed, no?

Author Bio: Ethan Cole owns an HR consultancy firm and has served in the capacity for a number of years over the course of his professional career. He loves to blog and can be contacted for cheap custom essay by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.