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In any company, there are many unsung heroes who work quietly in the organization with dedication towards their work. Millions of workers, employees and volunteers make sacrifices in order to breathe, live and work without expecting anything in return. These are the unsung heroes! It is time to celebrate and sing their praises. Unsung heroes do great deeds, but receive little or no recognition. Hence, it is time to recognize them and accept their worth. Unsung heroes are those who do not complain, are always present for work on time, help out everyone gladly and are selfless and focused on their work.

Every business has such unsung heroes. Unfortunately, many businesses take these unsung heroes for granted or do not recognize them at all. Hence, it is important that you should be aware of the unsung heroes of your company. Lowell Milken Center has always appreciated their unsung heroes. For that, you need to do the following things.

Identify them :

To identify the unsung heroes of your company, it is essential that you know all the employees present in the company very well. You can evaluate the work done by all employees and then decide who is the most dedicated employee.

Have a good recognition event :

Just ordering a few pizzas and drinks won’t be enough. You need to show gratitude towards them and make them feel special. Supporting roles done by these unsung heroes are often over looked. These people need special attention when it comes to recognition. You can celebrate events like an administrative professional’s day or customer service week.

Give a meaningful gift :

You can show how much they mean to your company by giving them a thoughtful gift. You can also give any silver gift item as silver represents value, permanence and something to remember by. They should always feature a celebratory inscription like name of the person, date and from whom they have received it.

You can include a check :

If you wish to give them credit and praise their talent, it is not enough to just say the words. You can acknowledge their talent by presenting them with cash or check for at least $1000. Know their worth and reward them accordingly.

Hold a recognition ceremony :

Whenever you are honoring the unsung heroes of the company, do it properly. You can hold a ceremony or arrange events and fun activities. In today’s busy times, you can opt for luncheons. You can organize it at a local restaurant or at function room.

Invite their families :

The celebration will be unique for the unsung heroes. Make sure to invite people who are close to them. You can invite their families and close friends. Let them witness in what regard you hold the honoree.

Declare the day in his or her honor :

Send a letter, at least 30 days before to:

• The Governor of your state
• Mayor of the town
• State senator

All of them have resplendent certificates available where they can insert wording provided by you. This gives an extra level of importance to the unsung heroes.

You can also take lots of pictures to remember fondly about the ceremony. You can also post them on your company website or social media profile. Deliver heartfelt and sincere remarks. Talk from the heart about the unsung heroes. Remember that he or she has been one of the reasons for your success.

Last words :

The unsung heroes served your company unconditionally for many years. They deserve all the appreciation. Thank them publicly and honor all the good folks who keep your company running smoothly.

Thus, if you consider how critical the unsung heroes are for your team and company, then you might realize how little appreciation they get. To ensure success, recognize those who make critical contribution and make a point to express it.

Author Bio

Daniel is passionate blogger and an ex-student of Lowell Milken Center. Through his blogs, he likes to motivate people to be role models in order to repair the society. In the above post, he is suggesting how to appreciate the unsung heroes of any company.