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From among a range of professional careers that college graduates prefer, HR management is one of the most popular ones. Almost every organization that is involved in some kind of trading or entrepreneurial activity requires an HR department because apparently HR is responsible for the recruitment and efficiency of the labor that companies hire. Without the physical and mental input by human capital, any business will fail regardless of how much technology-intensive and automated it is. Automation is ultimately controlled by human employees so efficient labor is essential.

For every HR department, there is at least one HR manager who supervises the operations being carried out. This includes the recruitment, training and motivational strategies that the department adopts. Not all employees are capable of becoming a good and successful HR manager because the work is definitely not easy, especially when the firm uses labor-intensive methods of production and trading. A successful HR department is recognized by the kind of employees working in a firm and how productive they are in whatever they do. Another indication of successful HR management is the satisfaction of employees they get from work.

Following are some of the main qualities that every successful and outstanding HR manager has:

1) Way of communicating

Communication is the most important requirement of a lot of things in life including relationships and jobs. A survey revealed that companies focusing more on filling the communication gap between employees of same and different levels experience a very low employee turnover and high levels of efficiency. This is because communication keeps them entertained due to which they love their job. Communication by an HR manager is slightly different because along with taking care of employee efficiency, he has to make sure that employees do not hate them!

Being a supervisor, he must stop employees from certain things but a good HR manager will deliver that message in a very diplomatic manner. Hence, if you are able to adopt such a communicating style, you can become a good HR manager.

2) Exceptional problem solving skills

As a manager, you are expected to come up with exceptionally efficient solutions to every problem related to your field. This might be anything related to recruitment or training and outstanding HR managers have that skill of problem solving. They must be able to think out of the box and come up with a solution that no one else can. The problem solving skills can only be improved through experiencing real life situations.

3) Outstanding presentation skills

Ever wondered why colleges emphasize so much on the presentation and public speaking skills of students? There are several job positions in an organization that requires presentation skills and it is imperative for students to be confident in presentation. The reason why HR managers need to be good at presentation is that they need to convey strategies and other plans to the labor force and if their style of presenting is boring or lacks energy, the employees are unwilling to pay attention. As a result, the efficiency will not be affected much in a positive way. A good presenter makes the session interactive, energetic and lively by fitting in small jokes in between.

4) Easily approachable

A survey revealed that employees do not prefer working under HR managers who take unfair advantage of their superiority in position because such managers are difficult to approach. A good HR manager will always be willing to talk to each and every employee if they are facing any issue in the organization. If employees feel that the higher authorities do not treat them as inferiors, they feel confident and as a result productivity increases.The most successful organizations are those where employees are happy and employee happiness is strongly determined by how higher officials, especially the HR manager, treats them.

5) Trustworthiness

Another great quality that is found in some of the best HR managers of top most organizations is their trustworthiness among employees. If HR managers are able to win the trust of majority of employees in an organization, they are exceptionally well in this job. If employees trust HR managers, they will discuss all their issues with the manager without any hesitation, expecting complete confidentiality and a helpful advice. Winning trust of an individual is surely not an easy task and only good HR managers can do that.

6) Knows how to lead

Finally, a good HR manager would know how to lead in the organization. Leadership skills are often misunderstood as being a dominant driver of the entire labor force which creates a sense of hierarchy among employees. A good leader is the one who can accommodate the demands of most of the employees, show them a common goal to work towards and provide useful feedback to employees.

Author bio:-

Henry Tom is the recruitment specialist at Assignment Writing Service Company in Los Angeles. He studied Human Resource Management at college and has been working as a freelance writer since high school.