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In 21st century, every company and organization work in very fast pace. Employees have many issues at workplace where they are doing job. In every organization, there are group of people, they are working in a team. Every individual has different attitude and nature, so the most important thing in a working place is to make a best environment where every individual work in a team.  In this article, we talk about how HR makes company policies to create an environment in which employees work properly.

Company Policies and Guidelines

Strict polices and guidelines should be in place which define main factors of company rules.
• Never talk on sensitive issues at a workplace such as religious, political etc.
• Never watch videos, pictures at the time of work.
• Never use social media sites at work place such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
• Never taunt on other employees.
• Playing games at workplace is not allowed.

Never talk about sensitive issues in the workplace such as religion, politics etc.

When a team is working with each other in a room or any specific area then they must talk on different topics, so you must clearly mention in company policies and guidelines that talking on sensitive issues are not allowed. Many of people have nature they are joking with their colleagues that sometimes create a serious matter, so HR should tell the manager of a specific department in how to control and monitor every time with these issues. Managers of a particular department have a responsibility to restrict their employees regarding this issue.

Never watch videos, pictures at the time of work.

In this world, there are so many technologies that individuals keep with us, in which they are watching videos, pictures and listening to songs. HR must create a strict policy in which these all unnecessary activities are not allowed in the work place. Managers are always with their team, so their responsibility is to restrict employees in those activities.

Never use social media sites at work place such as Face book, Twitter etc.

Almost everybody uses different social media sites such as face-book, twitter etc. and all these sites are time consuming at the workplace. People focus on these social media activities rather than their work. These types of activities effect company performance, so HR must make a strong policy regarding to restrict employees on that matter.

Never taunt on other employees.

There are many groups of employees working in the workplace, so taunting is one of the major factors that creates a bad environment in the workplace. According to one survey, most serious fights begin in the workplace because of this issue. Manager of department must monitor and warn our employees if somebody doing this activity.

Playing games at work is not allowed.

In most of the modern companies, people play games on different devices such as computer, mobile and others, so HR should have a polices that restrict our workers to this activity.

Finally, HR must make polices regarding all these factors that are very important to make good environment in a workplace. HR has a strong communication and integration with the manager of specific department because manager depart is always monitor with our workers and report to HR. 

Author Bio
Sarah Alex is a qualified person who has done a masters in Human Resource Management. Currently, she is working as a HR manager for a multinational company in UK and also provides assignment writing service as a freelancer. She researchs on many different issues about Human Resources and share her knowledge with article writing.