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The success of every company is reflected through the skills, expertise and attitude of its employees. Each employee of a company is just like a building. In other words, the irresponsibility of even a single employee tends to make a negative impact on the entire organization.

Some of the best ways to find and recruit competent employees for the firm are as follows.

1- Clarify The Job Description

For successful headhunting, it’s important to clarify the job description of the vacancy from the department’s head and then identify the skills that are required for the specific duty. Secondly, decide the criteria for the selection of the candidate such as the required qualification, knowledge and experience. Avoid setting a fixed number for the years of experience as it will limit your selection criteria. Try to search for an employee who possesses profound knowledge and experience. However, it is not always necessary that an experienced employee may give their best to the job as sometimes a talented fresh graduate performs even better than others. Therefore, keep your criteria for the selection as flexible as possible.

2- Make A Recruitment Plan

The second thing is to decide whether you have to do internal recruitment or external. Internal recruitment includes re-hiring an employee from within the organization and promoting them to a higher job position. External recruitment involves the hiring of an employee outside of the organization. Ways through which you can recruit employees externally are through walk-in interviews, ads and referrals.

Set the time constraint within which you have to complete your recruitment procedure. Decide the date in which you have to advertise the job vacancy on different channels. Also, set the date for the evaluation tests and interviews.
For conducting the interview, choose a well-trained person who has enough knowledge of taking interviews. It is much better to select an HR specialist for this purpose.

Do market research to seek out the current salary packages offered by the competitors for the same position. Set salary package wisely to bait and attract potential employees from other organizations.

Make sure that entire recruitment process is headed by a responsible person, who may be the head of HR department in the firm. 

3- Structure the Interview

Structured interview refers to planning questions that has to be asked from the candidate during the interview. Start the interview by asking some soft questions that purges the interviewee’s nervousness. Ask open ended questions and give them chance to speak up. You may ask questions to recognize their personality but avoid asking personal questions which may make them feel uncomfortable.

4- Select The Right Employee

Picking out the right breed from the whole stock is seriously a hectic task since the future of the company’s business depends on the selection of a right candidate. Select the employee whom you think is most passionate, sincere and hardworking. Make sure they is determined to work for your organization for the long-term.

Try to make decisions as promptly as possible. Don’t let the potential candidate wait for so long as they might grab offers made by other organizations.

5- Give Orientation

Employees prefer those organizations that provide them with true mentorship. It is because every employee wants to flourish their skills and career. It is essential to give proper orientation to the new employee so that they can be aware of the job role, duties, company environment, ethical code and conduct and the people with whom they will be working. Orientation also includes defining the job responsibilities in a detailed manner. Mentorship can best be provided to the new employee by any senior employee who is completely aware of the organization’s environment.

About the Author:

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